5 Easy Steps for How to DIY RV Skirting with Vynil

RV skirting can be a huge help when you're spending the winter in your RV, and it's not as hard to DIY as you might think!

Here are the five easy steps we took to do our own DIY RV skirting with vinyl!

1. Gather your materials. These include vinyl tarping, snap buttons, HVAC tape, primer, adhesive, and more. 

2. Measure and cut your vinyl tarping. Make sure to double and triple cut your measurements before cutting!

3. Prep your RV by using to clean it, and then apply your adhesive and snaps to the metal RV skirting.

4. Hang your RV skirting with the snaps. This is easier with multiple people there to help.

5. Seal the RV skirting with HVAC tape. This also helps to reinforce your skirting and prevent damage as well.