5 Reasons to Consider RV Skirting

RV skirting can be very beneficial to those living in an RV in winter. Here are five reasons why!

1. Insulation

RV skirting acts as an insulator. This keeps the inside of your RV warmer during winter.

2. Protection of Plumbing

RV skirting creates a barrier that helps prevent water and sewage lines from freezing/busting.

3. Pest Control

By adding skirting to your RV, you prevent small animals and pests from seeking shelter under your RV.

4. Reduced Wind Exposure

RV skirting can reduce wind exposure under the RV to help in maintaining a more constant internal temperature.

5. Extra Storage

RV skirting can create additional enclosed storage space. This area can be useful to store items away from the winter elements.

How To DIY RV Winter Skirting

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