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About Us

Hi! If you don’t already know, we are Tucker & Janae, and we live in an RV and travel full-time. We have 2 adventurous Mini Aussies, Marvel & Cap, who join us for most of our travels.

We primarily explore the US and have been to 26 states and 22 National Parks in the last 4 years. However, we also enjoy overseas travel and have been to Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and Iceland together.

Tucker works remotely in the financing industry, and I (Janae) am a full-time blogger, content creator, and social media manager for several remote clients.

We love hiking, ATVing, riding our bikes, going on walks with the dogs, playing games, watching our favorite shows together, and finding the best restaurants during our travels.

Past & Current Brand Relationships

We have done various work with numerous brands over the past 3+ years. Some were one-time collaborations, and others are long-term relationships that we’ve continued cultivating with brands, including multiple ambassadorship relationships.

Here are a few of the brands that we have had the pleasure of working with:

  • Lippert Ambassadors
  • Keystone RV Company Ambassadors
  • ClearSource
  • RV SnapPads
  • Latch.It
  • Oxygenics
  • Future Solutions
  • Battleborn Batteries Ambassadors
  • Bailey-Toliver RV
  • KOUSa Cushions
  • Kanab Tour Company
  • Filter Time

What We Offer

We only work with companies that align with our audience in the travel niche. Examples of that could include (but are not limited to) travel destinations and experiences, RV-related products and companies, camping and hiking gear, and more.

There are several ways that you can work with us.

On the Blog

Our blog is where we are currently focusing our primary efforts. We currently see 30,000+ page views each month and have a variety of new and returning viewers.

If you choose to work with us through our blog, you could either sponsor an entire blog post about your company/product/services or just a section of a blog post. Example: ATVing in Kanab, Utah with Kanab Tour Company or 15 Best Things to do in Kanab, Utah (with ATVing being at the top of the list.)

We use highly targeted SEO in our blog posts and have multiple sponsored posts that are outranked only by the brand’s website on Google!


Most companies choose to have at least some representation of their brand on Instagram. We have over 12K followers on Instagram and are well-known in the RV travel community.

If you choose to work with us on Instagram, we offer the following options:

  • Static Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Reels
  • Stories
  • Guides
  • Lives


Facebook is also an excellent option for spreading awareness of your brand. We currently have over 1K Facebook followers.

The great thing about Facebook is that we can link directly to your brand/products without the end-user having to take additional steps (like going to an Instagram bio to find and click a link).


We encourage all companies we work with to consider adding a Pinterest idea pin to their collaboration package. If you are not familiar, idea pins are relatively new to the Pinterest scene and similar to Instagram reels or TikTok videos.

They can have up to 20 slides and usually contain a mixture of pictures and videos.

The great thing about Pinterest idea pins is that since they are so new, not as many brands have started using them, and the market has not been saturated yet. Pinterest is also pushing idea pins to more people because they frequently go viral and have a higher potential for reach.

We have had multiple idea pins go viral. Our most successful idea pin is still snowballing and currently has over 7,250,000+ reach, 275,000+ clicks, and 50,000+ saves!!

It is very common for our idea pins to reach 10,000+ accounts, and another great thing about them is that they only continue to grow over time versus reels with a very short lifespan.

We also offer static pins, and every blog post collaboration includes multiple static pins to continue to drive traffic to those posts over time.


Another way that you can work with us is on our YouTube channel. Although we don’t regularly publish new videos anymore, we do still post on occasion.

We currently have 1.2K+ subscribers, and we put out travel videos, RV product installs, and how-to videos. YouTube is perfect for when we need to explain more on a topic through video!

Our sponsored videos on YouTube have historically done quite well when they are both educational and promotional. Two examples of these short installation videos are pictured below.

If you chose to work with us through our YouTube channel, you could either sponsor an entire video about your company/product/services or just a section of a video. Example: The Best Replacement RV Lock for Safety or 5 Ways to Stay Safe While Traveling in an RV.

You can also work with us on YouTube with a YouTube short. This is YouTube’s version of Instagram reels. This is an excellent add-on if you are already considering doing an Instagram reel or a Pinterest idea pin.


Every Friday, we send a weekly email newsletter to our email list (currently around 1K subscribers with a 50% open rate and 10% click rate) called “4 For The Weekend”.

Each week we feature 4 new things. These can be a boondocking or camping location, an RV or travel-related item, a new blog post or YouTube video, a hike we enjoyed, or a personal update on what we have been doing that week.

You can either generically sponsor an email to raise brand awareness, or we can feature your product that week in our RV or travel-related item section.

If you want to see our emails to get an idea of what they are like, you can sign up using the form below.

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    Brand/Product Images

    Some brands are not looking for exposure but rather need high-quality images of their products or services that they can use in their advertising. We can provide both pictures with and without models.

    We also own a drone and can get aerial images if that is something that your company needs.

    How to Work With Us

    If you are interested in working with us in any way, please email [email protected], and we can discuss your wants and needs.

    Our prices vary depending on deliverables and time investment, so we cannot give a set price without discussing the variables of our agreement first.

    We are happy to offer package deals/rates and prefer to work with you in multiple ways in the same collaboration. We look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait to work together!

    Much Love, Janae xoxo