21 Unique Jobs for Full-Time RVers

I am frequently asked the questions “What do you do for work that allows you travel?” or “Do you have any ideas for jobs for full-time RVers?”

There are a lot of people that would love to travel full-time but the main thing holding them back is their job situation. I decided to ask several full-time travelers what they do for remote work to try and help others come up with ideas for jobs they could do as well!

Although all of these jobs for full-time RVers are done while traveling, some are done from anywhere and others travel to specific locations for their jobs. I have tried to break them down into different categories for you here! Without further intro, here are 21 unique jobs for full-time RVers!

Traveling Job Positions for Full-Time RVers

1 – ER Nurse

“I am an ER nurse, who is working with a travel agency. I get new assignments every 8-13 weeks and choose the state we would like to work in. From there it depends on job openings. Typically I get sent a list of assignments in a state I am interested in and the length of the assignment. Then my husband and I decide together where we would like to live next!”

Allison H. @the.nerdy.adventurers

Crane technician - jobs for full-time RVers

2 – Crane Technician

“I’m a crane erector for one of the largest crane rental companies in North America. We specialize mostly in the wind industry so being in our RV traveling from job to job works so well because our family can be together instead of me being gone 6-10 weeks. We move anywhere from a couple days to a couple of months.”

Dustin S. @craneguyseles

3 – Registered Nurse

“As a travel registered nurse I am able to travel full-time and continue to work as a nurse. I am an Emergency Department/Trauma nurse and a Pediatric Cardiac ICU nurse. I work with a recruiter to locate hospitals that are in need of temporary help. These assignments usually last from 8-13 weeks with sometimes an option to stay longer. These hospitals usually need help due to staffing needs, seasonal influxes, or newer staff needing resources.

I travel in our RV and work inside the hospital in a department I am qualified for the agreed contract time. When the contract is over, we move at that time to a new area and help at a new hospital. I typically work 3 days a week and we are able to enjoy the area the other days. It’s great income and a great way to use my skills.”

Tonya M. @atravelingfern

4 – Pipeline Radiographer 

I’m a radiographer on the pipeline; which means, I x-ray the weld after it’s been welded together to ensure it is structurally sound. Each job averages 6 months but some are longer and some shorter. Having our RV makes this extremely easy to go job to job at a moment’s notice. If this lifestyle interests you, there are many positions you can apply for on the pipeline.

Kory M. @jokotravels

Online Jobs for Full-Time RVers

5 – Certified Elementary-School Teacher

“After working in a more traditional elementary school for over a decade, I made the switch to a full-time, online-only school this past year to allow myself to work from the road in my shiny Airstream. Schools like mine will continue to teach remotely even after schools have returned from their Covid closures. My job is to virtually teach my students their grade-level learning targets and to support students as they complete remote assignments.”

Kristy F. @willawanders

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    6 – Digital Health Coach

    “I work for Omada Health (think corporate wellness) as a digital health coach teaching a program dedicated to diabetes and hypertension prevention. It’s full-time salary with benefits, can be done from anywhere there’s internet (I use my phone’s hot spot), flexible hours, and any 4-year degree qualifies you for the position (I used to be an elementary school art teacher).”

    Rachael H. @the_hughetts_pursuing_it

    7 – Digital Marketer & Consultant

    “I am a digital marketer and consultant that specializes in hospitality. I help restaurants and venues redesign menus and event packages. Essentially I help hospitality organizations outsource administrative projects that would be costly and time consuming if done in house. This job allows me to work from anywhere and although we are not full-time RVers (yet) we love spending time on the road!”

    Amanda T. @lovingthelayover

    Social media manager - jobs for full-time rvers

    8 – Social Media Manager

    Yours truly here! I am a social media manager and can work from anywhere as long as I have strong cell service. I have several clients that I manage social media accounts for. As a social media manager, I create content, engage with their followers, respond to comments and messages, post for them, do hashtag research, drive traffic to their blogs, and more. I manage Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, Pinterest accounts, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups. This job does require extensive social media research and knowledge but I love it!

    Janae M. @adventures_with_tucknae

    9 – ESL Online Teacher

    “I work for VIPKID as an ESL online teacher (English as a second language), to students in China, Japan, and Europe. The students are ages 3-14, taught one-on-one for a 25 minute video class. This is a flexible remote job that can be done from anywhere, as long as you have reliable internet.”

    Patty G. @gills_on_wheels

    10 – Legal Assistant

    “I have been with my firm for about 2.5 years. For the first eight months of living in our travel trailer, I worked 9-5 commuting daily to the office, camping on the weekends with extended weekends whenever we could. Like many offices, our office went partially remote in 2020. At the time, my position was a litigation legal secretary supporting three attorneys, which required standard office hours.

    When I gave my notice (about two months), I asked if I could transfer to another position within our firm. The position did not exist, but I saw a need and took the leap to ask. And it worked! My administrator and co-workers were able to work with me to create a new position that I could do remotely without set hours. I now assist our assessment department in litigation and managing our firm master calendar (which I created), and I am currently writing policy procedures for our firm, including remote work.”

    Cory A. @jwandcoryadventures

    11 – Post-Production Designers

    “Our main source of income is from editing videos for other YouTuber’s. However, we do a variety of work to include editing commercial ads, crowdfunding campaigns, podcasts, photos, flyers, posters etc.  If you’re interested in this type of work, we use the Adobe Creative Suite to create all forms of content for our clients.”

    Taylor & Shannon W. @wander_hoof

    12 – Software Engineer

    “I am a software engineer and I work with a fully remote software development consultancy. I work with a team to build and implement online platforms. I’m currently working on a church online platform.”

    Josh H. @the.nerdy.adventurers

    13 – Director, Product Management

    “I’m a digital Product Manager and have worked from home for almost 15 years We just launched into full time RV life this week.  I listen to ideas from customers & competitors and figure out how to solve problems in a way that aligns to business strategy with software solutions (a.k.a. product). Then I guide the process of building out the solution with a team of developers, UX Designers, & testers.

    Once the solution is in place, I report on how the users respond to it. To be successful, you have to really love problem-solving & be awesome at clearly communicating complex information to diverse groups of people…a background in business analysis or strategy is super helpful. Not all Product Management roles are remote, many companies prefer teams to collaborate in person, but a lot of IT teams are dispersed, so remote work can be found.” 

    Stacey W. @occasionallyhappycampers

    VP of sales and marketing - jobs for full-time rvers

    14 – Financial Analyst

    “I have worked in finance for a large defense company for over 10 years. As a financial analyst, I track costs for large projects. With the changes in business culture in light of COVID, I have now been able to take my job on the road. If your company has told you ‘no’ to working remotely in the past it never hurts to ask again now that companies are seeing a seamless transition to remote offices.”

    Andrew S. @lifessweetjourney

    15 – VP of Sales & Marketing

    “My company is a content delivery platform with customers in 60+ countries. As such, travel to meet every customer in person wasn’t efficient. Long before Covid, I handled partnerships, sales, and marketing via Zoom. 
    Now, my home office is in a toy hauler. I cover 24 time zones, from wherever that trailer sits. I negotiate with telecom companies, music rights organizations, content creators, and other integrators all from the back of our RV.  
    Recently I upped my office game with a green screen, a condenser mic to be “in the room” quality and went pro level with Mobile Must Have for my internet connection.”

    Weldon S. @the.stoaways

    16 – Financial Reporting & Project Accountant

    “I prepare and analyze various reports pertaining to financials of the business unit I support. Also, I handle the accounting functions of projects, including budgeting/forecasting, taxes, billings, etc.”

    Kara R. @accruingadventures

    Other Remote Jobs for Full-Time RVers

    17 – Senior Sales Manager

    “I work for a hotel where I sell the guest rooms and function space for conferences and meetings in my assigned markets which include associations, corporate, and education.  I manage existing accounts and solicit new business by prospecting both via phone calls and emails.  Also, I respond to leads for potential business, complete proposals, create cost estimates, do follow up and draft a contract for signature if a group decides to move forward with having their event at the hotel.”

    Christine W. @wilsons_fulltime_adventures

    18 – Artist/Plein Air Painter – Schabel Fine Art

    “My career as a professional artist found new roots when we moved into our trailer and started traveling. Each time I step outside of the trailer I have endless inspiration for paintings. My hope is that through my artwork I can share the endless beauty that’s found in the landscape and farming as we travel across the US.”

    Todd S. @schabelfineart

    19 – Delivery Driver 

    “With so many delivery companies becoming more and more popular, my current job is being a delivery driver for Door Dash & similar delivery companies. The advantages are I can average a high hourly rate and not work full-time hours. I have the flexibility in making my own work schedule, I work off tips, there’s no dress code or training required and I can take breaks or be done for the day whenever I want! It’s a fun way to add additional income while on the road wherever you may be!”

    Doug C. @travelnurse_by_rv

    Keystone Montana High Country 335BH

    20 – RV Technician & RV Inspector

    “I am a certified RV Technician and RV Inspector. I repair RVs with my mobile service in surrounding campgrounds within a short radius of our campground. We carry common parts on the truck and often fix issues on the first trip. I advertise with signage on the truck, business cards at the campground, as well as social media. We offer virtual consulting (remote repair) as well.”

    Ben K. @rvtradesman

    21 – Small Business Owner

    “We sold everything and used profits from our home sale to fund our travels for the first year. During that year, what started as documenting our family’s off-roading and exploration adventures on YouTube, has become a small business of hosting off-road events around the country and providing resources and training to beginners. We are currently working our way to having this be our primary source of income for sustaining this lifestyle that we love.”

    Lauren & Brad K. @prodigaloverland

    Closing remarks and a few final job ideas for full-time RVers

    This is by no means a complete list of possible jobs for full-time RVers. Rather, I hope it has sparked ideas for you of ways you can work remotely and earn money while at the same time RVing.

    A few more jobs ideas to consider:

    • National Park Work Camping
    • State Park Work Camping
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Uber Driver
    • Search For Temporary Work In Specific Locations You Want To Explore
    • Seasonal Work (Amazon hires extras around the holidays)
    • Online Customer Service
    • Look for Job Boards
    • Start Your Own Business

    If you currently work a job that would also be possible from home, consider asking your boss if you could work remotely. You never know until you ask!

    I hope this list of jobs for full-time RVers has been helpful. If you have any more suggestions that were not mentioned here please drop them down in the comments below!

    Much Love, Janae xoxo

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    20 thoughts on “21 Unique Jobs for Full-Time RVers”

    1. One of the most complete lists I’ve seen of jobs RVers are actually doing from the road! Love that this features so many in the RV community.

    2. So many great ideas! There were quite a few that I hadn’t thought of before – and it’s interesting to learn more about what our fellow RVers are doing!

    3. This is a great resource for anyone looking for jobs that allow them to travel. With the world how it is right now, it’s even a great resource for people who aren’t planning to travel, but want a way to stay home.

    4. Janae this is so amazing! What an awesome resource for people to have too 🙌🏼 Thank you so much for having us! ❤️

    5. Small Business Owner has already been mentioned but I would like to share how I made it to launching my small business while RVing fulltime. I launched my own Independent Insurance Agency in January. I do have a business address but I am 100% remote. Insurance sales sounds really drab and boring but I can promise that is anything but that! I am not talking about selling Life Insurance or Medicare Supplemental Insurance fulltime. There is a desperate need for Property & Casualty Insurance Sales Producers. Homeowner’s, Renter’s, Auto, etc. The licensing is really easy and you can work anywhere in the country. Most Agency Owner’s provide all the equipment you need. Minus the in-person training 🙂 I am happy to explain and even tell you how to get started.


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