160+ Inspiring Iceland Quotes & Captions for Instagram

Iceland, known as the “land of fire and ice,” is truly something spectacular, and these Iceland quotes attempt to put Iceland’s beauty into words.

Having spent months exploring Iceland’s incredible landscapes, I’ll be one of the first to admit that pictures and words rarely do it justice, but we can always try!

In this post, I’ve rounded up some famous Iceland quotes and the best Iceland captions, and read to the end to even find some quippy Iceland puns!

Famous Quotes About Iceland

To start us off, here are some of the best quotes from famous people about Iceland’s natural beauty.

1. “When I’m in a place like Iceland, I allow myself to take a little more time to divert off onto other paths creatively for a while and see what comes to me.” – Damien Rice​​

2. “If I wasn’t bound to Brooklyn, due to my own personal reasons like taking care of my mother and the fact that this is where the band is based, I would probably move to Iceland.” – Peter Steele​​

3. “Being a writer in Iceland, you get rewarded all the time: People really do read our books, and they have opinions; they love them, or they hate them. At the average Christmas party, people push politics and the Kardashians aside and discuss literature.” – Hallgrimur Helgason​​

4. “The Aurora Borealis is a fickle phenomenon. A week can pass without a flicker. Then bang! The Northern Lights come on like a celestial lava lamp.” – Nigel Tisdall​​

5. “The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breath-taking, life-affirming natural sight every five minutes. It’s totally exhausting.” – Stephen Markley​​

6. “In Iceland, you can see the contours of the mountains wherever you go, and the swell of the hills, and always beyond that the horizon. And there’s this strange thing: you’re never sort of hidden; you always feel exposed in that landscape. But it makes it very beautiful as well.” – Hannah Kent​​

7. “Iceland today has all the trappings of an industrialized nation, with a sophisticated, consumer-orientation society, comprehensive welfare system, and one of the highest standards of living in the world.” – Jane Simmonds​​​​

8. “Having grown up in Iceland and Los Angeles, gone to school in Europe and America, and lived and worked in London and New York, my insatiable appetite for travel has informed many of my life decisions.” – Aslaug Magnusdottir​​

9. “I am drawn to cold, desolate places rather than Hawaii. I actually love Hawaii, too, but I tend to go to Iceland or Norway or Northern Japan – northern places for whatever reason. Which aren’t necessarily the best places to tour.” – Phil Elverum​​

10. “I love hiking in Iceland most; there are lots of brilliant paths.” – Bjork​​

A couple stands before a stunning view of a volcanic crater lake in Iceland with the quote, "I love hiking in Iceland most; there are lots of brilliant paths." by Björk.

11. “I have wandered over Europe, have rambled to Iceland, climbed the Alps, been for some years lodged among the marshes of Essex – yet nothing that I have seen has quenched in me the longing after the fresh air, and love of the wild scenery, of Dartmoor.” – Sabine Baring-Gould​​

12. “You probably won’t be coming to Iceland to swim, but in fact, this is a major social activity year-round with Icelanders, and it’s a great way to meet people or just see them unwinding – it seems mandatory for businessmen to have a dip on their way to work.” – Jonathan Wilcox​​

13. “Iceland is home to and has been shaped by the primary forces that have molded the entire Earth: volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and erosion.” – Roger K. Sandness​​

14. “I went snorkeling between Tectonic Plates in Iceland’s Silfra fissure in the winter. You have to wear thermal layers and a wet suit and what’s called a teddy bear suit so that you don’t die of hypothermia. My lips went blue. That was an experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life – so beautiful and quiet.” – Jessica Henwick​​

15. “Sudden changes in the weather occur frequently in Iceland, and a variety of weather fronts can quickly follow one after another.” – Gabriele Handl​​

16. “There is no more sagacious animal than the Icelandic horse. He is stopped by neither snow nor storm, nor impassable roads, nor rocks, glaciers, or anything. He is courageous, sober, and surefooted.” – Jules Verne​​

17. “So much Western storytelling comes from Scandinavia. I’ve read that in the past, storytellers would travel to Iceland and exchange stories. It’s kind of the birthplace of great storytelling.” – Richard Dormer​​

18. “Consistently rated the most peaceable of all countries in the world by the Global Peace Index, Iceland has reduced its military expenditure to zero, has no armed forces, and has reduced the inequality gap between rich and poor.” – Scilla Elworthy​​

19. “The communities and countries best at using energy to optimize a microclimate for human life are also the ones whose people have the longest average lifespans. Canada, Sweden, and Iceland – places with inhospitable winter weather – are frontrunners in sustaining human health and life.” – Chris Hadfield​​

20. “Throughout the history of Iceland, men have been lost at sea; every family in Iceland is connected to that kind of story.” – Baltasar Kormakur​​

An icy Icelandic landscape under a cloudy sky with the quote, "Throughout the history of Iceland, men have been lost at sea; every family in Iceland is connected to that kind of story." by Baltasar Kormákur.

21. “Thanks to the Jolabokaflod, books still matter in Iceland; they get read and talked about. Excitement fills the air. Every reading is crowded; every print run is sold.” – Hallgrimur Helgason​​

22. “With more than six species regularly seen, Iceland is fast becoming acknowledged as a world-class whale and dolphin watching destination.” – Cathy Harlow​​

23. “In the bare room under the old library on the hill in the town at the tip of the small peninsula on the cold island so far from everything else, I lived among strangers and birds.” – Rebecca Solnit​​

24. “In Iceland, where the mountain stood with pride, they set off with their guide to reach the mountainside.” – Brian J Culbertson​​

25. “There’s this feeling of creativity in Iceland.” – Hilary Hahn​

26. “There is a glacier in Iceland, Solheimar, which has retreated a great deal, and every time I go back there and see what’s not there anymore, it does something to the heart. It makes you realize it’s possible for a gigantic natural element to just disappear.” – James Balog​​

27. “Iceland, I’m in love with that country, the people are incredible.” – Kit Harington​​

28. “The Icelanders are the most intelligent race on earth because they discovered America and never told anyone.” – Oscar Wilde​​

29. “Olafur Eliasson is also one of the most visionary artists I’ve ever met. He is from Denmark and Iceland, and his focus is nothing less than the entire universe.” – Victor Pinchuk​​

30. “People are always asking me about Eskimos, but there are no Eskimos in Iceland.” – Bjork​​

A turbulent Icelandic waterfall framed by rugged rocks with the quote, "People are always asking me about eskimos, but there are no eskimos in Iceland." by Björk.

31. “Maybe it’s just a personal thing, but I get so much grounding from Iceland because I know it’s always going to be there. I have a very happy, healthy relationship with the country, so it’s really easy to go everywhere because I always have Iceland to go back to. It’s sort of a contradiction, but that’s how it works somehow.” – Bjork​​

32. “Everything is expensive in Iceland, especially food, and especially healthy food.” – Hafthor Bjornsson​​

33. “A bad rower blames his oars.” – Icelandic Proverb​​

34. “There’s no one on the island telling them they’re not good enough, so they just go ahead and sing and paint and write.” – Eric Weiner​​

35. “In Iceland, you can see the contours of the mountains wherever you go, and the swell of the hills, and always beyond that the horizon. And there’s this strange thing: you’re never sort of hidden; you always feel exposed in that landscape. But it makes it very beautiful as well.” – Hannah Kent​​

36. “It’s a pity we don’t whistle at one another like birds. Words are misleading. I am always trying to forget words. That is why I contemplate the lilies of the field, but in particular, the glacier. If one looks at the glacier for long enough, words cease to have any meaning on God’s earth.” – Halldór Laxness​​

37. “Contemporary poetry is a kind of Reykjavik, a place where accessibility and intelligence have been fighting a Cold War by proxy for the last half-century.” – Nick Hornby​​

38. “People in Iceland are complete chickens in the cold. You think, ‘Oh, you must not be cold because you’re from Iceland,’ but we’re never in the cold.” – Tomas Lemarquis​​

39. “I have fantasies of going to Iceland, never to return.” – Edward Gorey​​

A gravel path leading towards towering misty mountains and a serene coastline, illustrating the remote beauty of Iceland's landscapes with the quote, "I have fantasies of going to Iceland, never to return." by Edward Gorey.

Iceland Captions for Instagram

In this section, you can find the best Iceland Instagram captions to go with your beautiful images of the best Iceland Instagram spots!

40. Exploring Iceland means discovering a world where geysers, glaciers, and wonders never cease.

41. Iceland might be chilly, but the hospitality is always warm.

42. Icelandic skies: where magic meets the stars.

43. The skies in Iceland merge magic with the stars, offering a celestial spectacle like no other.

44. Midnight sun chaser.

45. I find myself lost in the vastness of Iceland’s lava fields, where nature’s raw power is fully displayed.

46. The fjords of Iceland offer peace and solitude that soothe the soul, surrounded by dramatic landscapes.

47. Iceland is a bucket list dream come true.

48. Iceland’s rugged beauty sweeps me away, revealing the heart of nature’s untamed wilderness.

49. Soaking in the Blue Lagoon, I’m enveloped by the warm, healing vibes of Iceland.

50. Every view in Iceland could be a postcard, capturing the essence of its untouched beauty.

A majestic waterfall cascades over a cave in Iceland with the quote, "Every view in Iceland could be a postcard, capturing the essence of its untouched beauty."

51. Iceland rolls the dice between volcanoes and ice, offering a landscape of contrasts and surprises.

52. Finding peace in Icelandic fjords.

53. Chasing the midnight sun in Iceland, where daylight stretches into the night, is a surreal experience.

54. Embracing the serenity of Iceland’s icy fjords, where silence speaks volumes.

55. Iceland’s midnight sun paints the sky with endless light, a true natural marvel.

56. Standing atop an Icelandic glacier, I’m humbled by the ancient ice beneath my feet.

57. Geysers, glaciers, and everything nice.

58. Lost in the lava fields.

59. The warmth of an Icelandic hot spring contrasts the chill in the air, a perfect harmony.

60. Icelandic horses are the real mane attraction.

A woman riding an Icelandic horse on a black sand beach with the text, "Icelandic horses are the real mane attraction."

61. Iceland’s volcanic landscapes remind me of the Earth’s fiery heart, alive and pulsing.

62. Swept away by Iceland’s rugged beauty.

63. Navigating the rugged terrain of Iceland, every step reveals new wonders.

64. Soaking up the geothermal vibes.

65. Volcanoes and ice are Iceland’s natural dice.

66. The tranquility of Iceland’s vast landscapes offers a peaceful escape from the world.

67. In Iceland, the horizon stretches endlessly, merging sea, sky, and land in a dreamlike vista.

68. Exploring the lava fields of Iceland feels like walking on the surface of another planet.

69. Iceland: where every view is a postcard.

70. The stark beauty of Iceland’s black sand beaches tells tales of volcanic fury and oceanic grace.

The powerful waves of the Atlantic Ocean crash onto one of Iceland's black sand beaches with the text, "The stark beauty of Iceland's black sand beaches tells tales of volcanic fury and oceanic grace."

71. Icelandic adventures are colder than my ex’s heart.

72. Icelandic folklore comes to life in the misty landscapes, where elves and trolls seem just a whisper away.

73. The land where glaciers meet the sand.

74. The simplicity of an Icelandic sunset, where the sun dips low but never quite leaves the sky.

75. Icelandic nights under a canvas of stars reveal the universe’s vast beauty.

76. Dancing with elves in the Icelandic wilds.

77. The crisp air of an Icelandic morning refreshes the soul and awakens the senses.

78. Iceland’s rugged cliffs, carved by wind and waves, stand as monuments to nature’s power.

79. The gentle nuzzle of an Icelandic horse offers a warm welcome to this chilly paradise.

80. Breathing in the purest Icelandic air.

Two individuals on an ice floe with arms raised in triumph, breathing in the pure Icelandic air, with a vast icy landscape in the background.

81. Leaving footprints in Iceland’s snow, I carry a piece of its magic with me forever.

Quotes About Iceland Waterfalls

Of course, you can’t visit Iceland without seeing at least a handful of its over 10,000 impressive waterfalls!

Here are some of the best Iceland quotes to capture the essence of Iceland’s waterfalls!

82. “The most amazing thing about Iceland is not the beautiful unspoiled wilderness or the majestic waterfalls. It is the fact the prime minister is listed in the phone book.” – Unknown​​

83. “A strong person and a waterfall always carve their own path.” – Unknown​​

84. “The waterfall winks at every passerby.” – Marty Rubin​​

85. “When water falls, it flies.” – Anthony T. Hincks​​

86. Falling for Icelandic waterfalls.

87. Let this waterfall wash over me.

88. “You don’t always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That’s life.” – Jack Barakat​​

89. As I chase waterfalls in Iceland, I’m reminded of the fierce beauty of fire and ice colliding.

90. “Waterfalls wouldn’t sound so melodious if there were no rocks in their way.” – Rishabh Gautam

A picturesque Icelandic waterfall flows amidst snow-covered rocks with the quote, "Waterfalls wouldn't sound so melodious if there were no rocks in their way." by Rishabh Gautam.

91. “There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music.” – Roland R Kemler

92. Iceland’s waterfalls cascade with a roar, echoing the island’s untamed spirit.

93. Life is like a waterfall – always moving.

94. “A waterfall cannot be silent, just as the wisdom! When they speak, the voice of power speaks!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

95. Chasing waterfalls in the land of fire and ice.

96. “Do not feel sad for your tears as rocks never regret the waterfalls.” – Munia Khan

97. The power of a waterfall is nothing but a lot of drips working together.

98. Like a waterfall, life doesn’t flow backward.

99. “A very wise quote is a spectacular waterfall! When you see it, you feel its power!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

100. I’m falling deeper in love with Icelandic waterfalls, each one more breathtaking than the last.

An idyllic scene of multiple waterfalls in Iceland, with vibrant green moss and the text, "I'm falling deeper in love with Icelandic waterfalls, each one more breathtaking than the last."

101. “Waterfalls teach us that swift does not mean strong.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

102. Find me where the waterfalls are.

103. Falling in love with Iceland, one waterfall at a time.

104. Iceland is a land of wanderlust and waterfalls.

Quotes About Iceland’s Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland near Vik is something that I will never forget. It was incredible!

In this section, I’m sharing some quotes and captions about the Northern Lights in Iceland.

105. “The icy cold will cut us like a knife in the dark. And we may lose everything in the wind. But the Northern Lights are burning. And they’re giving off sparks.” – Jim Steinman​​

106. “Northern lights remind us that there is something infinitely more magical than what we see on Earth.” – Stephen King​​

107. Under the Northern Lights, I feel spellbound by the ethereal beauty of Iceland’s night sky.

108. “The purple aurora borealis flashed silently across the starry black heavens like happy memories through an aged brain.” – John Muir​​

109. The aurora borealis in Iceland dances in the night, a luminous ballet of colors.

110. “My life was more beautiful after I saw The Aurora Borealis.” – Jack London​​

A breathtaking night view of the Kirkjufell mountain and waterfalls under the green glow of the Aurora Borealis with the quote, 'My life was more beautiful after I saw the Aurora Borealis.' by Jack London.

111. “The Northern lights painted the sky with stories we hadn’t heard of yet. We leaned back, letting the colors wash over us and paint new dreams for us to follow.” – Robyn Petrik​​

112. Under the Northern Lights spell.

113. “Frost is but slender weeks away, Tonight the sunset glow will stay, Swing to the north and burn up higher and Northern Lights wall earth with fire.” – Robert P. T. Coffin​​

114. “The Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon of breathtaking beauty that has captivated people for centuries… a spectacular sight to behold.” – Inspiration and Exploration​​

115. The dance of the Aurora Borealis is a cosmic celebration of light and color.​​

116. “I was searching for the northern lights in the ice-cold spheres of your empty eyes.” – Claire Estevez​​

117. “I wish to perceive the northern lights, doesn’t mean I’m not euphoric about the sunsets I see every day.” – Neelanjana Samota​​

118. “I would like to go to Iceland to see the northern lights.” – Art Malik​​

119. “If I never get to see the northern lights. Or if I never get to see the Eiffel Tower at night. Oh, If all I got is your hand in my hand, baby, I could die a happy man.” – Thomas Rhett​​

120. Glacier hikes and northern lights.

The Northern Lights painting the sky in swirls of green above a snowy mountain landscape, evoking the thrill of glacier hikes under the caption 'Glacier hikes and Northern Lights.'

121. “If the solar winds have stirred far off in the velvety night, then showers of light gold and violet rose and green paint the sky.” – Kathleen Valentine​​

123. In a world full of sunsets, be the northern lights.

124. “In fiction, they have been used as a gateway to a parallel universe. In real life, the northern lights are just as spectacular, offering an unforgettable display of colorful lights…” – James Walsh & Peter Kimpton​​

125. Hiking glaciers under the northern lights, I’m captivated by the unique beauty of Iceland’s frozen landscapes.

126. “It is good to feel small beneath the sparkling northern lights, small beside the mighty river. Nature is so close to us up here. My troubles and difficulties just shrivel up. I like being insignificant.” – Asa Larsson​​

127. “Like going on safari, whale watching, or fly-fishing, seeing the aurora is a beguiling marriage of sheer luck and the effort you make to be in the best place at the optimum time. Call up your favorite concierge if you want, chuck the credit card at your A-list travel agent — honestly, up there in Cosmos Central, they just don’t give a shooting star.” – Nigel Tisdall​​

Iceland Quotes About Reykjavik 

Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and is a must-visit for anyone exploring this stunning country.

From the Sun Voyager and Harpa concert hall to Hallgrímskirkja and Perlan, there is plenty to see and do in this welcoming city.

128. “In Reykjavik, Iceland, where I was born, you are in the middle of nature surrounded by mountains and ocean. But you are still in a capital in Europe. So I have never understood why I have to choose between nature or urban.” – Bjork​​

129. “I usually leave Reykjavik for two to three weeks to go to the South Coast of Iceland, where I have a small fisherman’s hut from the beginning of the last century. That’s where I sit down and do the actual writing. I might write for 16 hours a day or something. That’s how it happens.” – Sjon​​

130. In the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland’s culture vibrates with music, art, and history.

An aerial view of Reykjavik's colorful buildings and snowy streets, a bustling city alive with music, art, and history, captured under the quote 'In the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland's culture vibrates with music, art, and history.'

131. “Most visitors to Iceland tend to spend just a few hours in Reykjavik before moving on to the geological wonders beyond. I think they are missing out.” – Fiona Bruce​​

132. “After filming the first season of ‘Poldark,’ I went with the cast on a trip to Iceland. We started off in Reykjavik and then went into the mountains and swam in naturally heated pools.” – Eleanor Tomlinson​​

133. “Contemporary poetry is a kind of Reykjavik, a place where accessibility and intelligence have been fighting a Cold War by proxy for the last half-century.” – Nick Hornby​​

134. “When I was little, my ambition was to grow up to be a book. Not a writer. People can be killed like ants. Writers are not hard to kill, either. But not books: however systematically you try to destroy them, there is always a chance that a copy will survive and continue to enjoy a shelf-life in some corner on an out-of-the-way library somewhere in Reykjavik, Valladolid or Vancouver.” – Amos Oz​​

135. From Reykjavik with love.

136. “It’s Hlynur Bjorn Hafsteinsson, Bergporugotu, 8b, Reykjavik, Iceland. – Is there no postal code? – Oh yes, it’s a hundred and one Reykjavik. I’m the one.” – Hallgromur Helgason​​

137. “I was 13 when I had my first bout of insomnia. My family was in Reykjavik, Iceland, for the summer, and day never really became night.” – Siri Hustvedt​​

Quippy Iceland Puns

Alright, now we have to share some Iceland puns and Iceland jokes!

These can add a bit of humor and fun to your posts about Iceland!

138. Iceland is so cool, it’s ice-solating.

139. Don’t let the cold in Iceland glacier heart.

140. I’m lava-ing Iceland’s volcanic beauty!

A person stands admiring a vast lava field with steam rising from the ground, under the playful caption 'I'm lava-ing Iceland's volcanic beauty!'

141. Iceland’s beauty is so intense, it’s snow joke.

142. Ice-olated but never alone.

143. Hot springs in Iceland? Water-way to relax!

144. Feeling frosty? Iceland’s beauty will melt your heart.

145. Iceland’s landscapes are lava-ly.

146. In Iceland, the nightlife is so cool, it’s freezing!

147. Keep calm and aurora on in Iceland.

148. Iceland’s beauty is glacierous.

149. Iceland rocks! Literally, with all the volcanic activity.

150. Iceland: where fire and ice meet and greet.

A dramatic eruption with lava spewing from a volcano in an icy landscape, epitomizing the stark contrasts of Iceland, described with 'Iceland: Where fire and ice meet and greet.'

151. Iceland is the only place where being icy is a warm compliment.

152. In Iceland, wearing layers is the new hot trend.

152. A trip to Iceland can be quite Reykja-vik-ing.

153. Iceland’s beauty is so breathtaking, it’ll give you frostbite.

154. Don’t worry, in Iceland, it’s cool to be cold.

155. Iceland: where you can chill and experience the heat at the same time.

156. Feeling adventurous? Iceland’s the place to freeze the day.

157. Iceland’s waterfalls: where the water is as cool as the people.

158. Visiting geysers in Iceland is always a blast.

159. Icelandic cuisine is cool, but the lava bread is smokin’!

160. Puffin spotting in Iceland? It’s beak-oming my favorite hobby!

Three puffins perched on a grassy cliff overlooking the sea, the charm of wildlife watching captured in the pun 'Puffin spotting in Iceland? It's beak-oming my favorite hobby!'

161. Iceland’s Northern Lights: The original ‘sky-fi’ experience.

162. If you think you like Iceland now, you’ll love it a fjord lot more once you visit.

163. Iceland: Where the mountains peak your interest, and the hot springs soothe your soul.

In Closing: Inspiring Iceland Quotes & Captions

And that’s a wrap! Which of these Iceland travel quotes do you plan to use?

Safe travels!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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