Top 32 Most Instagrammable Places in Utah in 2024

If you’re looking for the most Instagrammable Places in Utah, you’ve come to the right place!

Utah is truly a stunning state, and every time we visit, I am blown away by all of the natural beauty.

In this post, I’m sharing 32 of the best Instagram spots in Utah that you need to add to your Utah bucket list!

I hope that you enjoy these beautiful locations and that you are able to get great photos for your own Instagram feed.

Instagrammable Places in Utah National Parks

1. Temple of the Sun & Moon in Capitol Reef National Park

One of Capitol Reef’s most unsuspecting highlights frames the outermost edge of the park’s boundaries.

Even if you only have one day in Capitol Reef, taking a chunk out of your itinerary to see these formations will be more than worth it.

To access them, you need a better part of the day, sunrise or sunset, for the best light and a high-clearance, 4×4 vehicle.

Cathedral Valley is very remote, so you should be self-sufficient and have an entry/exit plan. 

Permits aren’t required, and the only accommodation nearby is primitive camping outside the park boundaries.

Note: you should explore here only in good weather conditions.

Recommended by Aaren of What Do You Sea

Formations of the Temple of the Sun and Moon, showcasing their towering presence amidst the rugged terrain of Capitol Reef National Park, a must-visit spot in Utah for photographers.

2. Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a natural spectacle in Utah and one of the state’s most visited attractions. 

The park is open all year round, 24/7. A private vehicle access costs $35, valid for seven days; for individual visitors who rely on the national park shuttle to get around, the ticket is $20. 

There are numerous scenic spots and activities in Zion, but consider a hike to Angel’s Landing for a memorable day trip.

Zion is known for its dramatic landscape, diverse rock formations, and iconic rocks, and this is one of the best. 

The hiking trail to Angels Landing is suitable for tourists of different abilities, and the reward at the top is a grand, unobstructed view of the entire park! 

Recommended by Kenny of Knycx Journeying

The summit of Angel's Landing, one of the most instagrammable spots in Zion National Park, Utah, with panoramic views of the steep red cliffs and scenic canyon below.

3. Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park

Utah is known for its otherworldly landscapes, and Canyonlands National Park is no exception, with rugged rock formations, towering mesas, and ancient canyons. 

One of the most photogenic places in the park is the Green River Overlook, where you can peer 1,300 feet to the canyon floor below, where the river is still slowly carving away the red sandstone.

One of my favorite things about this overlook is how easy it is to get to—you can walk right up! 

My husband and I were winding down a jam-packed week-long road trip to the Utah National Parks, with Canyonlands being our last stop. 

It was great to drive right up to the Green River Overlook and get some of the best views in the park!

Recommended by Jess from Uprooted Traveler

The Green River carves through the vast, layered rock formations at Green River Overlook, a top instagrammable location in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, under a wide blue sky.

4. Canyon Overlook Trail in Zion National Park

The entirety of Zion National Park could be considered one big Instagram post, but one of the most beautiful areas is seen from the Canyon Overlook Trail

Easily accessible from Utah’s State Road 9, it packs a powerful visual punch. 

This short one-mile round-trip hike takes you a thousand feet above the canyon floor. 

Zion and Pine Canyons intersect at the base, and the view is so beautiful you’ll feel like you’ve walked into an HDR photo. 

The trail is considered moderate, but the most strenuous part is at the beginning as you navigate a series of switchbacks. 

This trail just goes to show why most Utah quotes talk about how beautiful it is!

Recommended by Theresa from The Local Tourist

The Canyon Overlook Trail, an instagrammable path in Zion National Park, Utah, offers a stunning vista of rugged landscapes and towering rock formations under a cloud-streaked sky.

5. Cassidy Arch in Capitol Reef National Park

While there are many arches in Utah, Cassidy Arch is one of the few you can walk on, which makes this great spot one of the most Instagrammable places in Utah! 

The arch is located in Capitol Reefs National Park and is the perfect stop on a Utah road trip.

Cassidy Arch is located in the Fruita District of the park and requires a 3.1-mile hike to access. 

It will take about an hour, but it is worth the time, especially if you go at sunrise like we did!

Recommended by Adam and Kathryn of Adventures of A+K

Cassidy Arch, a natural sandstone bridge and an iconic instagrammable landmark in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, stands prominently against a backdrop of stratified rock walls.

6. Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah, is the state’s largest national park, known for its incredible canyons and impressive arch formations. 

The most iconic spot is Mesa Arch, which naturally frames the stunning landscape, with canyons and mountains stretching into the distance. 

Mesa Arch is photographable at any time but is spectacular at sunrise when the sun hits the arch and illuminates the canyons. 

Mesa Arch is accessible via a short, 0.7-mile hike, an easy loop suitable for all visitors.

Allocate an hour here for hiking and capturing photos. 

Mesa Arch is a favorite stop on a Utah National Parks road trip.

Recommended by Jillian from The Manic Wanderer

The famed Mesa Arch, an instagrammable natural stone archway in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, frames the expansive desert landscape below as the sun rises.

7. Double Arch in Arches National Park

Arches National Park holds over 2,000 natural arches, and although Delicate Arch is the most famous, one of my favorite hikes in Arches National Park is Double Arch.

While it may not be the most beautiful arch in the park, this massive red rock formation is very impressive and is a popular spot for family photo sessions.

As you can see in the image below, I was lucky enough to get a picture underneath these arches with basically no one else in sight because we went in the winter!

If you visit during the summer months, there are usually way more people, so getting the perfect photo is harder.

The magnificent Double Arch, a unique and instagrammable geological feature in Arches National Park, Utah, showcases two interconnected arches against a bright blue sky.

8. Wall Street in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is the perfect backdrop for photo ops.

Of course, this park is most famous for its record-breaking number of hoodoos, some taller than a 10-story building!

While there are lots of photo ops throughout the park, my personal favorite is Wall Street.

Here, you can walk through the hoodoos and really appreciate the beauty of these imposing formations.

You can choose to enjoy the entire 3.2-mile loop or make it a shorter hike by just completing the 1.5-mile Navajo Loop trail.

Either way, make sure to grab a photo with Thor’s Hammer, the switchbacks, and the tunnels!

Wall Street, a popular and instagrammable narrow canyon within Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, is lined with towering hoodoo rock formations and evergreen trees.

Instagrammable Places in Utah State Parks

9. Antelope Island State Park

A seven-mile-long causeway starting in Ogden’s suburbs takes you across the Great Salt Lake to Antelope Island State Park

This 42-square-mile state park covers the entire island and makes an excellent Salt Lake City day trip. 

Whether you’re coming for a beach day, excellent views of the Rocky Mountains, to visit abandoned 19th-century settlements, or photograph the park’s herd of approximately 550 bison, you’ll want at least two hours in the park. 

If you plan to check out the park’s network of hiking and biking trails, budget even more time. 

There’s a $15 entrance fee per vehicle, and additional camping fees apply.

Recommended by Ada from Beyond Yellow Brick

Two bison graze in the open fields of Antelope Island State Park, an instagrammable and serene natural area in Utah, with rolling hills in the background under a clear sky.

10. Dead Horse Point State Park

One of the most Instagrammable state parks in Utah is Dead Horse Point State Park. 

You can do a day trip here from Moab and admire stunning views of Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado River.  

The drive from Moab to Dead Horse Point State Park only takes around 40 minutes, and you can explore most of the park within a day.

For the best Dead Horse Point State Park photos, do an easy, one-mile round-trip hike to the Colorado River Overlook. 

You can find the trailhead at the visitor’s center and take photos of a massive “S” curve in the river.

Recommended by Jamie from Photo Jeepers

The meandering Colorado River creates a stunning, instagrammable viewpoint at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah, with dramatic cliffs and canyons glowing in the sunset light.

11. Goblin Valley State Park

Another great Instagram spot in Utah is Goblin Valley State Park!

This unique park has a lot to offer, but of course, it is most famous for the “Valley of Goblins,” which are hoodoos and unusual formations.

We had so much fun exploring Goblin Valley that we went back again and spent even more time there!

One great perk is that this state park is dog-friendly, and our dog Cap loved running around and exploring the hoodoos with us.

You can also fly a drone here if you purchase a permit, so bring your drone with you if you own one.

A person poses with a dog on a unique rock formation resembling goblin-like sculptures under the bright blue sky at Goblin Valley State Park, a whimsical and instagrammable destination in Utah.

12. Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Another dog and drone-friendly state park is Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.

Located near Kanab, Utah, this state park is especially picturesque due to its uniquely pink-colored sand.

Keep in mind that a lot of images online are heavily edited to make the sand seem even more vibrant than it is, but it’s truly beautiful in person as well!

If you have extra time and are looking for something fun to do here, I highly recommend renting an ATV and hitting the sand dunes or even sandboarding!

We love this Utah state park and will continue to visit it each time we are in Southern Utah.

A couple embracing next to their dog, with a backdrop of the vibrant and instagrammable Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah, showcasing the vast dunes and distant mountains.

Instagrammable Places in Southern Utah

13. Belly of the Dragon

Perhaps my favorite location in the Kanab area is Belly of the Dragon!

This unique drainage tunnel resembles the ribcage of a dragon and is a lot of fun to explore and take pictures of!

We’ve been to Belly of the Dragon several times, but the best time of day to visit is in the last hour of daylight.

By then, most of the crowds will be gone, and the setting sun will also cast shadows to make the experience even more fun!

Definitely add Belly of the Dragon to your list of things to do in Southern Utah!

An explorer touches the rugged walls of Belly of the Dragon, a captivating and instagrammable man-made tunnel with naturally eroded walls in Utah, inviting a sense of adventure.

14. Toquerville Falls

Toquerville Falls is one of the best waterfalls in Southern Utah!

These stunning falls are perfect for an Instagram shot, but they are a bit challenging to reach and require a 4WD vehicle.

When we drove here, we saw multiple vehicles broken down on the way to the falls, so make sure you’re in a vehicle that can handle a very rough road!

Many people choose to use ATVs to reach Toquerville Falls, and it looks like a lot of fun!

There is a swimming hole at the base of the falls, and we saw a girl in a mermaid costume that was perfect for photo shoots!

A visitor stands admiring Toquerville Falls, where cascading waters create a picturesque and instagrammable oasis in the desert landscape of Utah.

15. The Red Canyon Highway Tunnels

If you’re planning a trip to Bryce Canyon, stop on the way to photograph the scenic tunnels of Red Canyon. 

These tunnels are located along Highway 12, carved into the red rocks, and the road goes directly through them. 

With pullouts before and after the tunnels, it’s easy to pull over to get your picture safely. 

While you’re there, plan to do some hiking from the Red Canyon Visitors Center just down the road, and don’t forget to go check out some of the fantastic hikes in Bryce Canyon as well.  

Recommended by Jessica from Utah Kids Explore

The Red Canyon Highway Tunnels cut through vibrant red rock formations, creating a striking and instagrammable roadway in Utah surrounded by natural beauty.

16. Leprechaun Canyon

Leprechaun Canyon is located outside of Hanksville, Utah, and is an off-the-beaten-path beautiful spot perfect for Instagram photos. 

With the high orange walls of the slot canyon lighting up when the sun is overhead, this canyon is an easy hike outside of Capitol Reef National Park.

Any vehicle can reach the trailhead, but use AllTrails to make sure you go to the right area for the canyon so you don’t become one of the yearly rescues in the area.

The hike ends when you get to a point where you would need climbing gear (unless you have it), so hike in until you need to turn around and return to your vehicle.

Recommended by Christine from Live Love Run Travel

Sunlight streams through the narrow walls of Leprechaun Canyon, one of Utah's hidden and instagrammable slot canyons, perfect for adventurous photographers.

17. Toadstool Hoodoos

Another great Southern Utah hiking trail that ends with a spectacular photo op is the Toadstool Hoodoos trail.

Although it is a smaller collection of hoodoos than you would find in Bryce Canyon or Goblin Valley, these hoodoos are still unique and are fun to see.

The hike is relatively easy and is only 1.8 miles round-trip. Dogs are allowed, but be mindful of potentially extreme temps.

We enjoyed this hike on a cloudy summer day and didn’t take many breaks, but we did bring a lot of water along for both of us and our dogs.

A hiker and their dog pose near balanced rock formations during the Toadstool Hoodoos Hike, an instagrammable geological wonder with a stark contrast of red and white layers in Utah.

18. Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Peekaboo Slot Canyon (also known as Red Canyon) is located near Kanab, and it will always be special to me because it was my first ever slot canyon!

This slot canyon is one of the most beautiful in all of Utah, but it’s not the easiest to get to.

While the slot canyon itself is only 0.7 miles round-trip, the hike to reach the canyon is 7.5 miles through sand and semi-rough roads.

You will need a 4WD vehicle to reach the canyon, or you can do as we did and take an ATV tour.

Trust me, it was a blast!

A couple shares a romantic moment in Peekaboo Slot Canyon, where the smooth, undulating walls create a secluded and instagrammable scene in Utah's desert.

19. Wire Pass

Another slot canyon hike that we enjoyed was Wire Pass, which is one of the best hikes near Kanab.

This out-and-back trail is a little over 3 miles round-trip and involves hiking through deep sand and rocky wash.

Dogs are allowed on this hike, but humans and dogs alike require a permit, which can be obtained online in advance or at a ranger station.

Please keep in mind that hiking this trail, no matter what time of year it is, can be strenuous, and it can be easy to overheat.

Please bring plenty of water with you, but enjoy the hike! It’s stunning.

A rustic wooden ladder leads adventurers deeper into Wire Pass, a narrow and instagrammable slot canyon that beckons with mystery and ancient rock formations in Utah.

20. Reflection Canyon

The edges of Lake Powell hold one of the most Instagrammable places in Utah, Reflection Canyon

As unworldly as this viewpoint is, the journey out here is not for the faint of heart. 

First, you’ll need a high-clearance, 4×4 vehicle to make it 50 miles down Hole-in-the-Rock Road to access the canyon’s trailhead. 

From there, it’s another 20-mile roundtrip hike to the viewpoint, eight of which are unmarked.

Many make this journey an overnight backpacking trip since there is no water along the trail or at the viewpoint. 

An overnight permit is required, but they’re uncompetitive and available at the Escalante Visitor Center.

Recommended by Aaren of What Do You Sea

An explorer stands at the edge of Reflection Canyon overlooking Lake Powell, an iconic and instagrammable landscape in Utah, with swirling rock formations mirrored in the calm waters below.

21. Bentonite Hills

The Bentonite Hills in Utah have become one of the most Instagrammable places in Utah. 

With rainbow-colored hills giving it a landscape that looks like Mars, this part of Utah is best experienced during the blue hour just before sunrise or just after sunset.

The Bentonite Hills are located near Capitol Reef National Park and Hanksville, Utah. 

No fee or permit is needed to visit, although using a high-clearance vehicle is best. 

Four-wheel drive is unnecessary when the road is dry, but it will become impassible after rain.

You don’t need long to enjoy this beautiful scenery, but it’s a great addition to a Utah road trip itinerary as a stop near Capitol Reef.

Recommended by Christine from Live Love Run Travel

A lone figure stands amidst the swirling, colorful layers of the Bentonite Hills, a captivating and instagrammable landscape in Utah that resembles a painting.

22. Red Hollow Slot Canyon

With Utah being the world leader in slot canyons, there are plenty of options for that epic Instagram post. 

One of the most Instagrammable places is a slot canyon in Orderville, Utah, near the southeast part of Zion National Park. 

Red Hollow Canyon’s beautiful blend of orange and purple tones is quite mesmerizing and serves as an incredible backdrop for photos and videos. 

Another attractive aspect of Red Hollow is that depending on the time of day and season of the year you visit, the canyon’s colors will always have a unique look.

Recommended by Yanitza from Next Stop Adventures

The warm glow of sunlight illuminates the narrow, textured walls of Red Hollow Slot Canyon, an instagrammable hidden gem in Utah inviting exploration.

23. Lone Rock Beach

Lone Rock Beach at Lake Powell is a sandy beach with an incredible view of the sandstone cliffs and the iconic landmark, Lone Rock. 

When the reservoir is full, the unique rock formation is surrounded on all sides by water, hence its name. 

It’s a great place to go paddleboarding, boating, four-wheeling on the sand dunes, or just relax on the beach. 

It costs just $30 per vehicle to enter the national recreation area, and if you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can drive right up to the water’s edge. 

Make sure to add Lone Rock Beach to your Utah bucket list!

Recommended by JJ from Minivan Bucket List

Paddleboard rests on the sandy shore of Lone Rock Beach at Lake Powell, with the iconic Lone Rock formation in the background, a serene and instagrammable spot in Utah.

24. Monument Valley

There’s a scene in Forrest Gump where Tom Hanks’ character has been running back and forth across the United States. 

He’s gained quite a following, and dozens of runners have joined him. 

But after three years, he turns to his followers and says, “I’m pretty tired. Think I’ll go home now.” 

The famous scene was filmed at the top of a hill on US Highway 163 in Monument Valley, Utah, just north of the Arizona-Utah border. 

Forrest Gump Point is a necessary stop on any southern Utah road trip

The beauty of the red desert and sandstone buttes, as you look down from Forrest Gump Point in Monument Valley, is not to be missed!

Recommended by Chris from Around The World With Me

The iconic Forest Gump Point in Monument Valley, an expansive and instagrammable road stretching towards distant buttes under a cloudy sky in Utah.

25. Alstrom Point

This view over Lake Powell is one of the most Instagrammable places in Utah, especially at sunset. 

Plus, it also makes a perfect stop on an Arizona-Utah Road Trip!

A visit out to Alstrom Point requires a 4×4 vehicle with clearance, and be sure never to drive this road in wet conditions as it can be impassible. 

No fee or permit is needed, just a wicked sense of adventure and a tent if you want to stay and enjoy a night up at the overlook! 

The two closest towns to Alstrom Point are Kanab, Utah, and Page, Arizona. 

But be prepared for the long and bumpy 2-hour drive out to the overlook from the main road of US 89.

Recommended by Kate from Kate Roams The World

A stunning view from Alstrom Point overlooking the meandering waterways of Lake Powell, an awe-inspiring and instagrammable vista in Utah.

Instagrammable Places Near Salt Lake City

26. Utah State Capitol

When you visit Utah, you’ll likely drive through Salt Lake City! 

One of the best things to do in downtown Salt Lake City is to visit the State Capitol building of Utah on Capitol Hill. 

This capitol building was constructed using Utah granite and features white Georgia marble in its interior. 

It was built using classical elements like columns, symmetry, and a dome. 

The interior is very colorful, making it one of the best Instagrammable places in Utah. 

You can also check out the chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate, each with its unique design and decoration.

Another beautiful building in the heart of Salt Lake City is the Salt Lake City Library.

Recommended by Mayuri from Fernwehrahee

The grand interior of the Utah State Capitol, featuring elegant marble columns and a stunning rotunda, exemplifies neoclassical architecture in an instagrammable setting.

27. The Salt Lake City Temple

Skip the overused backdrop of the epic Disney World castle and head to the iconic castle-like site, the Salt Lake City Temple. 

This historic building is easily one of the best places to snap that perfect Instagram shot in Utah. 

The temple is found in Temple Square, a religious site of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. 

Temple Square is free to enter and stroll through, but you cannot enter the temple unless you are a member of the church and hold a temple recommend. 

You don’t need more than 15 minutes to get a great Instagram pic at the Salt Lake City temple, but you could easily spend an hour walking the gorgeous grounds and gardens.  

Recommended by Taylor from Traverse With Taylor

The majestic Salt Lake Temple stands with its striking spires against a dramatic sky, surrounded by manicured grounds, a historic and instagrammable landmark in Utah.

28. Ice Castles

Ice Castles in Midway is among the most picturesque places in Utah.

Attracting visitors from far and wide, the Winter Wonderland is a hotspot for social media enthusiasts.

However, Ice Castles is much more than a photo op.

Visitors can explore tunnels and caverns, race down slides, marvel at intricately carved sculptures, or squeeze through crawl spaces and narrow slot canyons, all built entirely from ice. 

At night, the attraction is even more magical when the ice is illuminated with the glow of color-changing lights. 

The attraction is only open for a few weeks each year, so this icy experience is one of the hottest tickets in town. 

Weekends often sell out, so booking your tickets in advance is best. 

If you plan to visit Ice Castles, be sure to bundle up, as this winter attraction gets very cold! 

You will need about an hour to fully explore Ice Castles, and if possible, visit on a weekday to avoid the crowds. 

Recommended by Melissa from Parenthood and Passports

A magical scene at the Ice Castles, with a silhouetted figure against the glowing blue ice, creating an ethereal and instagrammable winter wonderland in Utah.

29. Deer Valley Cafe

Deer Valley Cafe in Park City, Utah, is a restaurant and gourmet deli. 

Here, you can pick up delicious food and food items to go, but if you have an hour or two to spend dining on the premises, you won’t be disappointed. 

Go for breakfast or lunch on the outdoor patio, which offers stunning views and is easily one of the most Instagrammable places in Utah. 

Recommended by Nausheen from Globe Gazers

The serene Deer Valley Cafe in Park City, with its tranquil waterside setting amidst lush greenery and rolling hills, offers a picturesque and instagrammable dining experience in Utah.

30. The Up House

Have you ever seen the cute Disney/Pixar movie Up

It’s about a man named Carl who goes on a grand adventure to visit Paradise Falls in his flying house! 

There is a house nearby in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is an exact replica of Carl and Ellie’s house, and it’s super cute!

The house is in a residential neighborhood and has people living there. 

You can’t go inside, but visitors are encouraged to stop by for a quick picture from the outside! 

You can find the address on Google Maps here

The whimsical and instagrammable UP House in Utah, painted in vibrant colors and adorned with charming details, brings the magic of the beloved movie to life.

31. Park City

In Park City, Utah, you will have many excellent opportunities for good Instagram photos in every season.

You’ve got the mountain backgrounds and beautiful small-town charm.

There is one specific spot that I just loved right on Main Street.

There is no specific name for it; I just saw it while walking through the town, right next to Fletcher’s restaurant, as a location reference.

It’s easy to access, no fee or permit is required, and you can spend as much time as you need there to get the perfect shot.

Once you are done you can keep exploring and maybe even find your own IG spots to add for another trip.

Recommended by Nick from The World Overload

A winter wonderland archway in Park City, Utah, adorned with snow-covered branches and festive decorations, creating an enchanting, instagrammable scene.

32. Bonneville Salt Flats

A favorite photo spot is at the Bonneville Salt Flats, west of Salt Lake City. 

Imagine a vast surface of hardened white salt against the backdrop of the pristine Silver Island Mountain Range. 

This is the site of the Bonneville Raceway, but we love it for its unusual beauty. 

Drive 111 miles West on I-80 from the center of Salt Lake City to the Wendover Salt Flats Rest Area. 

Park and simply walk onto the Salt Flats! Spend as much time as you like – you’ll love it!

Drones are allowed, and after rain, you’ll see spectacular reflections in the water. 

Recommended by Carrie from Carrie Green-Zinn

The vast, textured expanse of the Bonneville Salt Flats at twilight, a stunning and uniquely instagrammable location in Utah, with mountains in the backdrop.

In Closing: 32 of the Best Instagram Spots in Utah in 2024

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this list of the best photography locations in Utah!

Now that you’ve got your Instagram places picked, head to this post next to find the best Utah Instagram post captions!

Which of these spots do you plan to visit?

Safe travels!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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