KOUSa Cushion – The Perfect Tiny Living Addition

If you enjoy the adorable decor, fluffy blankets, and minimal living, then the KOUSa Cushion is perfect for you!

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Get out and explore decorative pillow
KOUSa Cushion

What is a KOUSa Cushion?

Is it a pillow? A blanket? Or both?

KOUSa Cushions are simply put, blankets that double as home decor pillows when not in use.

It’s designed to be used however you would like. You have an optional foot warmer, hood, and pockets…perfect for snuggling up on a cozy chilly evening indoors.

Snuggled in my KOUSa using the feet warmer, hood, and pockets.

They have just the right size for everyone from toddlers, to double sizes for snuggles! ๐Ÿ˜‰

There are a wide variety of decor styles to choose from including patterns, animals, quotes, and more.

One of my favorite things about KOUSa is that every cushion is handmade! I love supporting small businesses.

KOUSa Cushion blanket open and ready for use

My experience with KOUSa Cushions

I was really surprised and happy with how quickly I received my KOUSa cushion in the mail. I had it shipped to an RV park we were going to be at and it was already waiting for me by the time we got there.

How I received my KOUSa Cushion

First impressions

The pillow had a cute little tag letting me know that it was handmade by Kate. Such a fun personal touch!

I was instantly drawn to how soft it was! It is super fluffy and in my personal opinion, the perfect kind of blanket lol!

The pattern I chose was “Get Out And Explore” and will go absolutely perfectly with our tiny home on wheels. I love the cute little campground scene in front of the mountains!

Decorative Pillow Blanket
How the KOUSa Cushion blanket folds into the pillow

Using the KOUSa cushion blanket

Using the KOUSa cushion blanket was super easy! You simply pull the material out of the decorative pouch and you instantly have a blanket.

Wearing the hood

I absolutely adore the hood! My cushion has two cute little pom poms hanging down on either side of the hood.

There are also pockets on both sides to keep your hands warm and snap down the front.

Pockets on the sides

You can choose to either leave the pillow and use it as a foot warmer, or you can flip it inside out and make the blanket a little longer.

Turning the blanket back into a decorative pillow

Returning the blanket back to its pillow form is a breeze.

KOUSa folded and ready to be tucked in

If you’ve turned the foot warmer inside out, simply flip it back into the foot warmer. Next, fold the blanket back into a square. Finally, tuck it neatly into the pillow.

Voilร ! You now have an adorable throw pillow that would make the perfect addition to any room. I keep mine in the living room of our 5th wheel.

Where can you get a KOUSa Cushion?

Snuggled in my KOUSa blanket

You can purchase them on the KOUSa website here.

Also, be sure and follow their Instagram to stay up-to-date on all the new styles they offer.

A few of the different styles they offer

Click on any image to shop it or for additional pictures of the style.

Fennel KOUSa Cushion
Arakuna KOUSa Cushion
Anabele Home Sweet Home KOUSa Cushion
Cosmos Go Explore KOUSa Cushion
Nap Queen KOUSa Cushion
Nap Queen
Daffodil KOUSa Cushion
Ananas Flower KOUSa Cushion
Ananas Flower
Crocus Get Out And Explore KOUSa Cushion
Hobblebush Bow Pillow KOUSa Cushion
Monkshood Home Sweet Home KOUSa Cushion
Succulent KOUSa Cushion
Globe Flower KOUSa Cushion
Globe Flower
Acacia KOUSa Cushion
Waratah KOUSa Cushion

Which style is your favorite? I’d love to know!

I hope that this review has been helpful to you and that you’ll check out KOUSa Cushions!

Much Love, Janae xoxo

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  1. So cute!! Definitely need one of these! I’m always trying to find places to store extra blankets ๐Ÿ˜‚ This is so perfect since it doubles as a decorative pillow too! There are so many cute ones to choose from. I like the one you have and the succulent one ๐Ÿ˜

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