How to Organize Jewelry in an RV

Today I want to show you how to organize jewelry in an RV! I absolutely love jewelry and knew I wanted to keep a lot of mine when we moved into our RV.

This week I’ve teamed up with 7 other amazing RV bloggers for a full week of RV organization tips. I immediately knew that I wanted to talk about jewelry organization for my contribution to the week!

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How to organize jewelry in an RV

Organizing my jewelry turned out to be a challenge at first…I tried a few different things but they usually resulted in a tangled up mess of jewelry. Ugh!

In this post I want to share what I learned about how to organize jewelry in an RV over a year ago that’s been working great for me ever since!

Purchase a great hanging jewelry organizer

This ended up being the best jewelry organization system I could find for myself! I bought this double-sided hanging jewelry organizer on Amazon and used it to organize all of my jewelry.

Organizing your jewelry by category

How to Organize Jewelry in an RV

There are multiple ways you could organize your jewelry in a hanging organizer like this. Personally I like to keep my colorful jewelry on one side and my silver/rose gold jewelry on the other side.

How to Organize Jewelry in an RV

For the colorful jewelry I organize it according to the individual colors. For the silver jewelry I organize it according to the type of jewelry. I keep my earrings at the top, necklaces in the middle, and bracelets at the bottom.

Hang your jewelry organizer in your closet

I have a very small corner closet for my hanging clothes. Space in there is precious so being able to have all of my jewelry in one compact hanging organizer is great! It barely takes up any room and makes it easily accessible.

How to Organize Jewelry in an RV

Bonus features

One of the most convenient things about having a hanging jewelry organizer like this is that you can easily find exactly what you need. Everything has its own compartment and since they are clear pockets, you can instantly spot what you want to wear!

If you don’t need all of the compartments for jewelry, you can store other small things like hair ties, bobby pins, or hair clips!

If you’re looking for a great way to organize your jewelry, I hope you’ll consider getting a hanging jewelry organizer as well! Tag me on Instagram once you get your jewelry organized so I can see how amazing it looks!

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Much Love, Janae xoxo

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    15 thoughts on “How to Organize Jewelry in an RV”

    1. I actually got this after I saw that you had it! It’s awesome 😆 I initially started with just a small jewelry box but like you said everything just got tangled 😅 also use it for head bands, bows etc! ☺️

    2. I am so convinced, Janae that this is THE best jewelry system for RVING!! I love how your organized it with colorful to one side and silver to another! I’m totally getting one of these!!!!

    3. This is inspiring me to break out my box of jewelry! I haven’t touched it because I didn’t know what the heck to do with it. Love these ideas!

    4. Heck yesss!!! Jewelry dreams made true😍 Korys sister actually bought me one of these a long time ago but I need to update it to this! I like the double sides and how it’s all compact and see through, very smart! Thank you for sharing!


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