11 Ingenious RV Shoe Storage Ideas + Easy Space Saving Hacks

Shoe storage in an RV can sometimes be a difficult to figure out. There’s no “one size fits all” solution since everyone has a different setup and also different needs. In this post, I’m going to share 11 different RV shoe storage ideas, plus some great products and easy space saving hacks!

I hope you find these camper shoe storage ideas as helpful as I did!

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RV shoe storage ideas for fifth wheels

1. Keystone Montana High Country 335BH shoe storage

One of the things we lost when we upgraded to our Keystone Montana High Country 335BH fifth wheel was closet space. We chose to have a large front window instead. And although we love the views the window provides us with, it caused us to get extra creative with clothes and our shoe storage solution.

We do a mix of things. Common, everyday shoes are in a soft, hanging shoe organizer along the side of our bed. We originally had an over door RV hanging shoe organizer, but I ended up cutting it into smaller sections and we screwed it to the base of our bed.

Shoes that we use often, but not daily, go in a small fabric tote next to our bed. (Pictured below) This is where we keep hiking shoes, tennis shoes, and extra flip-flops. We also have additional room in our storage ottoman if we need it.

Shoes that we rarely need (like winter boots, dress shoes, and extras) are kept in a plastic storage tote in the attic storage area of our 5th wheel.

Although it’s not the most ideal setup, this is what works well for us. Eventually, we have some custom RV shoe rack ideas that we might build in our living room slide but for now, we’re making do with what we’ve got!

Shoe organization storage tote full of shoes in a Keystone Montana High Country 335BH fifth wheel RV

2. Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS shoe storage

Christine and Kevin Skelton, have been traveling full-time in their 2018 Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS fifth-wheel RV for 4+ years. With 2 young kids (and one recent newborn addition to their family!), shoe storage was something they knew they had to address right away. 

They wanted something that integrated with their RV’s space and wasn’t in the way. So, they bought an Ikea Ställ, the perfect small shoe rack for RVs, and installed it in their RV hallway immediately inside their entry door.

The four separate compartments gave everyone room for their shoes and kept them out of sight for a cleaner look. 

To make it fit, they cut a portion of the hallway’s lower trim so the mounted shoe rack could sit flush against the wall.

It came with two feet that you can use or leave off. In Christine and Kevin’s case, they left the feet off so it would fit beneath the window.

There is also the option to mount the shoe rack to the wall, but double-check the depth of your own RV’s insulation and make sure it will work for you as well before doing so in your own rig. 

Finally, they added a couple of boot trays on the floor next to the shoe rack. Boots tend to take up too much room inside the shoe rack and are typically dirtier. The boot trays are a place to store them and keep any mess contained.

Submitted by Never Stop Adventuring

Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS RV hallway showing shoe storage organization

3. Keystone Raptor 423 shoe storage

As full-timers in a 2022 Keystone Raptor 423, one of the best ways for McKenna and Dylan to store shoes was in cube organizers from Walmart!

This family of four had a large closet to store them in their previous rig, but in their current rig they needed a better solution since a toy hauler garage is like a blank slate.

There is no closet, or anything already built in for that matter, so there were many possibilities out there. They just had to use their imagination! They tried other storage ideas, but this is the one that’s worked out the best.

If it’s snowy, rainy, muddy, etc outside, then shoes are left in the underbelly storage to dry. But when it’s nice out, they can easily be put here in their place.

Besides work boots, all of their shoes fit in these cubes, both on top and bottom. They remove their shoes before walking through the rig and store them here until they’re needed again.

They don’t have an exuberant amount of shoes, so they can store them very easily. 

No tripping over cluttered shoes anymore! And don’t forget you can choose different colors and styles of cubes at the store too!

Submitted by McKenna Adrift

Four cubby organizer in a Keystone Raptor 423 showing shoe storage in the bottom two cubbies

4. Keystone Sprinter Campfire 31FWMB shoe storage

Trevor, Lia, and Lennon are a family of three adventurers living full-time in a 36-foot Keystone Sprinter Campfire 31FWMB fifth wheel. They’ve been living in their RV for three years and traveling across the USA for the past two.

Storage space is minimal in a 36-foot home on wheels for three humans and two dogs so they’ve made some modifications to improve the setup and functionality of their rig.

For shoe storage, they modified their hallway upstairs by adding the Ikea STÄLL Shoe cabinet with four compartments. They added two of these cabinets and can store over 25 pairs of shoes.

Additionally, they store dog accessories like extra poop bags and leashes in one of the drawers. They even built a charging station! Isn’t that ingenious?

The best part is all of this was achieved without a single screw penetrating the rig. The storage compartments are held up with 4 velcro command strips.

The command strips have held up well and have only been replaced once in three years. Those command strips have held on for over 100 different sites!

To fully complete the setup and add extra functionality, they also removed the vent cover from their bottom step just beside the front door to squeeze in their slippers.

They transition from outdoor footwear to indoor cozies right at the front door. This really helps minimize the amount of dirt that comes tracking in from going in and out.

Submitted by Llama Llama Adventure

Steps inside a Keystone Sprinter Campfire 31FWMB showing shoe storage under the bottom step

RV shoe storage ideas for vans

5. 1991 VW LT28 shoe storage

Thomas and Diana are full-time vanlifers for circa four years with their bus Nomads on Wheels. It is a VW LT28 from 1991. As beach cleaners, they can often be found on the coastlines.

Their shoe storage is multi-functional with a special story. It was made during their travels in Greece in Lefkada at Katisma Beach.

They found a pile of trash in a corner with a hand-signed wooden plate. They later figured out it had the Greece text ‘Sweet Memories’ on it.

After one day of timberwork with just a hammer and a saw, they finished their custom-made shoe storage completely out of trash! The perfect upcycling project.

But it is more than just shoe racks. It’s also a little side table by the couch and an extra place to sit. This is very practical which is the first priority in a tiny house but above all, it is a good memory of their travels.

Submitted by Nomads on Wheels

A 1991 VW LT28 van interior showing custom  built RV shoe storage cubbies full of shoes

RV shoe storage ideas for travel trailers

6. Casita Independence shoe storage

In a 17-foot Casita Independence Travel Trailer, storage is at a premium.  Shoes are often not given much priority in a smaller RV. 

However, there are still ways that you can store your shoes if you live or camp in a small travel trailer.  

Over-the-door shoe hangers come in handy, even in a small travel trailer.  If you have a small closet, you can trim the end hanger with scissors to fit the size of the door.  

If you don’t have enough space for an over-the-door shoe hanger, try a wall-mounted shoe rack.  These racks can fit on any wall space and they are great for out-of-the-way places.  

If you have a small space between two walls, try securing a dowel between the two walls.  Bonus points if it is near the front door.  Simply remove your shoes and place them behind the dowel. 

Another similar tool is to use a small expandable curtain rod for the same purpose. 

Many small trailers, like the Casita Trailer, have cabinets near the floor.  These floor cabinets are a perfect location for shoe storage.  If you don’t want to have to open the door each time, simply remove the door.

Submitted by Travels and Travails

A Casita Independence RV showing a tension rod creating shoe storage

7. Grand Design Imagine XLS 18RBE shoe storage

Shoes are the biggest tripping hazard in all of RV life! Yet, we need so many pairs for so many different types of adventures. Now, how to keep them out of the way, organized, and still accessible for those grab-and-go moments?

When building out their second RV, Caleb and Crystal knew that organization was the top priority. This 5-layer, 10-compartment shelving unit was the very first thing they built in their 2019 Grand Design Imagine XLS 18RBE travel trailer. (Pictured below)

It measures 33 inches wide, 35 inches tall, and 9 inches deep and it holds 6 pairs of boots, 15 pairs of sneakers, and 6 pairs of sandals.

The shelves are built on an angle, so that the toes of the shoes point downward, preventing them from falling out during travel.

The shelving unit sits right along the main entrance door and the top is finished off with a butcher block, which acts as a multi-function counter space. 

Submitted by The Renegade Ramblers

The entryway of a Grand Design Imagine XLS 18RBE RV showing a large shoe organizer full of shoes

8. Safari Condo Alto R1723 shoe storage

When you’re constantly moving in and out of your RV, it’s hard to prevent the dirt and dust from outside from coming in.

Jessica and her husband intermittently live in their Safari Condo Alto R1723 travel trailer for months at a time and have had some challenges both with storage in the trailer, as well as keeping it clean.

One of the very easiest ways to keep your RV from looking dirty is to remove your shoes before entering the trailer, especially if you hike frequently.

But in a retractable roof 17-foot trailer with exceedingly limited storage, it can be challenging to figure out where exactly to store your shoes, other than simply leaving them outside.

This certainly isn’t an ideal solution. Between your shoes possibly getting wet from rain or being infiltrated by outdoor creatures (hello, spiders!), they’d didn’t want to just leave their shoes just laying outside. 

Instead, they found a shallow plastic box that slides under the kitchen sink, which is right next to the door in their trailer. The storage space here isn’t super practical for kitchen accessories anyways.

The sink pipe runs through this space and it’s rather shallow, but it’s absolutely perfect for storing a pair or two of shoes for going out and exploring the great outdoors.

Submitted by Uprooted Traveler

A Safari Condo Alto R1723 RV boondocking in the desert with mountains in the background

9. Lance 2375 shoe storage

Storing shoes around the RV bed base is a great way to utilize space that might otherwise go unused in your RV. A hanging canvas RV shoe organizer is a versatile option for this area.

You can hang it around the corner of the bed (as pictured below), across the front, or down one side. You can even cut the canvas into sections if you need to split it up.

As a full-timer in a 2018 Lance 2375 travel trailer, this option holds Morgan’s hiking shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers, and slippers.

It has ten slots, however, they are large enough for you to double up sandals or even store a pair of flip-flops behind a slipper! The storage option she uses even holds her husband’s size 12 shoes without a problem.

If you don’t want to drill holes for this installation, you can use Command hooks to hang the shoe pockets. It’s essential to get the wire hook option since the thicker plastic hooks are too large for the grommet holes.

Five heavy-duty 5-pound hooks on this install will provide the most secure setup. Depending on the weight of the shoes, the 3-pound option might also be sufficient.

Submitted by The Home That Roams

A Lance 2375 travel trailer showing shoe storage under the bed with shoe organization cubbies

RV shoe storage ideas for Class C RVs

10. Coachmen Leprechaun shoe storage

Shoes can be a challenge in a Class C RV! One of the best RV shoe storage ideas for a 2016 Coachmen Leprechaun is to convert the under-seat storage of a dinette to a shoe cubby.

Converting it will take some work, but keeping the floor clear of clutter and using this space that’s traditionally challenging to get to is worth the effort.

To do this, you’ll need to cut a hole in the back side of the dinette. It’s easy to measure and cut if you dismantle it from your RV first.

Note the placement of the seatbelts, because you’ll need to be cognizant of them so you don’t have straps over the opening of the shoe storage.

Make the opening as wide as possible so you can have access to many pairs of shoes and not have to dig too far in the corner. For a finished look, paint or press laminate on the edges so it’s nice and smooth.

To keep it the most functional, install a battery-powered push light on the underside of the seat, so you can easily see the shoes inside.

After installing the seat back in the dinette position, you’ll have a functional storage solution for your RV! Whether you’re full-time, part-time, or just like taking your RV on epic road trips, shoes can be packed out of the way and clutter-free. 

Submitted by Inspired Routes

A Coachmen Leprechaun RV showing shoe storage under the dinette just inside the doorway

11. Custom RV shoe storage

If you have the correct space in your RV, custom shoe storage can be not only helpful, but also very practical.

For instance, in this shoe storage example, they had a large open space on the sides of their RV bed.

They built in a custom shoe box to hold and organize shoes in, but it also doubles as a step up to the bed.

If your RV bed is difficult to get into and you have the available space, this could be the perfect place to put extra storage while utilizing unused floor space.

Used with permission from RV owner Maureen L.

Custom built RV shoe storage in an RV bedroom

8 Helpful RV Shoe Storage Products

Ok, now that we’ve covered some of the best RV shoe storage ideas for full time RVing, let’s check out a few of the most helpful products for organizing shoes in an RV!

1. Under Bed Shoe Storage

This under bed shoe storage organizer is the best solution for easy access to hidden shoe storage under your bed.

They can also work great under couches with open spaces underneath of them.

Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer
  • Large storage capacity
  • Heavy duty & durable fabric
  • Transparent window to protect from dust
Click Here to Check the Price on Amazon

2. Over-the-Door Hanging Shoe Storage

If you’re looking to utilize space behind a door, this over-the-door shoe organizer can easily organize 12+ pairs of shoes.

Hanging Shoe Organizer for Door
  • Holds up to 16 pairs of shoes
  • Deep 9" pockets
  • Only weighs 1 pound
Click Here to Check the Price on Amazon

3. Closet Hanging Shoe Storage

Very similar to our last organizer, this hanging closet organizer is the perfect way to use of vertical space in an RV closet.

4. Collapsible Laundry Basket

A collapsible laundry basket can be a great way to contain loose or dirty shoes. When you’re not using it for laundry in your RV, you can set it outside next to your RV door to collect shoes during the day and bring it in at night.

Collapsible Laundry Basket
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Lightweight
  • Space-saving
Click Here to Check the Price on Amazon

5. Mesh Cargo Net

These mesh cargo nets are great for adding shoe storage throughout your RV wherever you have available space.

Stretchable Mesh Pockets
  • Easy installation
  • Extra storage space
  • Stretchy elastic pockets
Click Here to Check the Price on Amazon

6. Vertical RV Shoe Storage Tower

If you have a vertical space that isn’t already utilized, a shoe tower can be a great way to organize shoes in your RV!

7. Wall-Mounted Shoe Storage

Once again, these wall mounted organizers can be a great way to store shoes when you have limited space for larger organizers.

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack
  • Easy to install
  • Sticky mounted
  • Can be used anywhere
Click Here to Check the Price on Amazon

8. Foldable Shoe Rack

Once again, these can be a great way to store shoes when you have limited space for larger organizers.

Foldable Shoe Rack
  • High-quality metal for stability
  • Foldable design saves space
  • No tools required for assembly
Click Here to Check the Price on Amazon

And there you have it! Which one of these RV shoe organization ideas was your favorite? I hope you found these RV shoe storage hacks helpful, and now you know how to organize shoes in an RV!

Happy camping!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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