7 Practical RV Pantry Organization Tips and Ideas

RV pantry organization can be tricky. You often work with a very small space, so ensuring everything is well organized is super important!

I learned a lot about RV organization during the four years I spent as a full-time RVer. Today I want to share 7 tips for RV kitchen pantry organization with you to help make your life easier!

Most of these tips should apply whether you have an actual pantry as we do or keep your food in RV cabinets.

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1. Use storage bins in your RV pantry to keep things organized

Using storage bins can help you keep things organized, and it also helps you know exactly where to look to find something! This is one of my favorite RV pantry organization tips and has been a big game-changer for me.

I got cheap $1 folding fabric storage bins at Dollar Tree, but these storage bins would also work. You can also opt for plastic or wire storage but I like the flexibility of fabric bins.

My pantry shelves are the perfect size to fit 3 fabric bins. I organize the contents to be similar items, making it easy to find things in my pantry storage quickly.

For instance, all of my dry goods (extra flour, sugar, pancake mix, etc.) go into one bin. Whenever I need one of those items, I know exactly where to find it.

Fabric storage bins in our RV pantry

2. Repackage items to save space

This is one of my favorite pantry storage hacks for RVs with smaller pantry storage space. Whenever we find something that we really like and know isn’t readily available in most places, we like to stock up on it.

My husband is gluten-free, and often it’s hard to find GF mixes in many of the places we travel to. Aldi is one of our favorite grocery shopping places, and they have a great gluten-free selection!

The last time we were at Aldi, we stocked up on several GF pancake mixes so that we wouldn’t run out before finding an Aldi again.

Rather than have a bunch of boxes taking up space, we put all the pancake mix bags in one-gallon ziplock bags. This is a great way to save space for small pantry organization.

You can do this with a lot of different things! Just make sure to cut the recipe off one of the boxes and save it, so you know how to make it later.

3. Use command hooks to hang things on the inside of your pantry door

Storage space in an RV is valuable, so using every spare inch is important! We added two command hooks on the inside of our pantry door.

There are a ton of things that you could keep here based on your individual needs. Anything that is not thick (like a broom or dusting wand) could be kept here, depending on how much spare room you have.

We keep an apron and fly swatters inside our RV pantry door. We also keep the broom in the pantry tucked inside the far left side.

I have also seen other RVers add command hooks inside of a cabinet door in their kitchen to store other hanging items.

RV pantry organization with command hooks hanging fly swatters and an apron. There are pantry goods on the shelves.

4. Build extra shelves in your RV pantry

Why does it seem like RVs always have so much wasted space?! We originally only had three RV pantry shelves in our RV, but my husband built extra shelves, and now we have double the RV pantry shelving we had before!

We left a lot of space above our top shelf to store tall kitchen items here if we ever need to. But the rest of the pantry has much more manageable shelving heights to accommodate the items we need for camping in our RV home.

Keep in mind that not all of the shelves have to be an even height. We have one quite a bit shorter than the others we use for canned goods and bread storage. Another shelf is just the perfect height for boxed mixes. Just measure the items you have and build your extra shelves accordingly!

We chose to also add a lip to the front of our new shelves to keep things from falling off of the shelves. If you don’t want to add a front lip, you can use tension rods to keep food from shifting and falling during travel days.

You could also add a wire rack as extra shelving if you don’t want to use wood. This would give you additional space to store hanging things from as well.

If you have very deep shelves in a cabinet that you are using for pantry storage, adding a lazy susan to your cabinet shelves can be helpful to get to everything you need within easy reach. Consider adding RV pantry pull-out shelves for easy access if you need to.

As you can see, adding shelves to your RV pantry is one of the best ways to make your RV kitchen more functional.

Extra shelves that we added to organize our RV pantry. There are fabric pins and a jug of olive oil on the top shelf. The bottom shelf has jars and boxes of pantry goods.

5. Put frequently used recipes on containers

Is there a recipe that you find yourself constantly looking up? Save yourself some time and add it to the outside of a container!

I used to spend forever looking for my favorite Jasmine rice recipe, so I finally wisened up and wrote it on a sticky note one day and taped it to the rice container! Now I never have to look it up again.

I also added the pasta instructions from the bag onto the pasta container. I just cut it out and taped it on. Fast and simple!

6. Use air-tight storage containers

I use these storage containers to store RV pantry staples like rice, pasta, etc. We got a 10-piece set for a wedding gift, and I love them!

They keep things fresh and also free up extra space. I often use my rice and spaghetti noodle containers, but we also keep things in them like tea bags, chocolate chips, and slivered almonds. They come in multiple sizes, and quite a few brands exist. Ours are OXO brand.

I like to use these glass kitchen canisters for my RV pantry staples like flour and sugar. The lids clamp closed very tightly, which gives me peace of mind that we won’t get bugs in our food, and they also won’t accidentally come open while we’re traveling and make a huge mess.

Glass jars in our RV pantry with labels reading white rice, powdered sugar, sugar, brown sugar, and flour. There are also cans of food on the next shelf down.

7. Use labels in your RV pantry

One of the most helpful RV pantry storage ideas is labeling everything in your camper pantry.

Not only does labeling things make it easier to find specific things, but also keeps you from accidentally using the wrong thing. You wouldn’t want to accidentally use powdered sugar instead of flour, haha!

I found some cute pantry organization labels that I used. For things that are just in baggies, I usually mark them with a Sharpie.

Conclusion: RV Pantry Organization Tips

Before you go, one last thing you can do is store small RV appliances at the bottom of your RV pantry. Small items can take up a lot of counter space in a travel trailer, so getting them put away can make things function better in a small RV kitchen.

Which of these RV kitchen organization ideas did you find the most helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

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How do I organize my RV pantry?

You should organize your RV pantry by storing similar items together in baskets and bins. Try to find organization containers that best fit your RV pantry or cabinet space. Take things out of the original packaging, and don’t forget to label unmarked items!

How do you stock an RV kitchen?

You stock an RV kitchen with non-perishable food items that you might frequently use while RV camping. Some commonly stocked items are rice, pasta, spices, flour, sugar, baking mixes, canned goods, and jarred sauces. List pantry food items that you regularly use, and then stock them in your RV kitchen.

How do I organize my RV kitchen cabinets?

You can organize your RV kitchen cabinets by using all available space. Hang command hooks inside your cabinet doors, add extra shelves to utilize all of the wasted space in your RV cabinets, use tension rods and pull-out drawers to keep things in place and make them easy to reach, and organize things in baskets and bins.

What RV kitchen storage ideas should I write about next?

Much Love, Janae xoxo

RV Pantry Organization YouTube Video

Watch our YouTube video below to see exactly how I organize my RV pantry.

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