5 RV Pantry Organization Tips

RV pantry organization can be tricky. You’re often working with a very small space, so making sure everything is well organized is super important!

Today I want to share 5 tips for RV pantry organization with you to help make your life easier! Whether you have an actual pantry like we do, or you just keep your food in cabinets, these tips should be applicable.

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Use fabric storage bins in your RV pantry to keep things organized

Using fabric storage bins can help you keep things organized and it also helps you know exactly where to look to find something! This is probably one of my favorite RV pantry organization tips and has been a big game changer for me personally.

RV Pantry Organization
Fabric storage bins

I got cheap $1 folding fabric storage bins at Dollar Tree but these ones would work as well.

My pantry shelves are the perfect size to fit 3 of these fabric bins on. I organize the contents to be similar items and this makes it easy to find things quickly.

For instance, all of my dry goods (extra flour, sugar, pancake mix, etc.) goes into one bin. Whenever I need one of those items I know exactly where to find it.

Use labels in your RV pantry

Labeling everything not only makes it easier to find specific things but also keeps you from accidentally using the wrong thing. You wouldn’t want to accidentally use powdered sugar instead of flour haha!

Labels in the pantry
Pasta label

I found some pantry organization labels that I used. These ones are really cute! For things that are just in baggies I usually just mark them with a sharpie.

Repackage items to save space

Whenever we find something that we really like and know isn’t readily available in most places, we like to stock up on it. My husband is gluten-free and often it’s hard to find GF mixes and such in a lot of the places we travel to.

Aldi is one of our favorite places to shop and they have a great gluten-free selection! The last time we were at Aldi we stocked up on several GF pancake mixes so that we wouldn’t run out before we had a chance to find an Aldi again.

Rather than have a bunch of boxes taking up space, we put all of the pancake mix bags in one-gallon ziplock bags. This saved a ton of space!

You can do this with a lot of different things! Just make sure to cut the recipe off of one of the boxes and save it so you know how to make it later on.

Build extra shelves in your RV pantry

Why does it seem like RVs always have SO MUCH wasted space?!

Our RV pantry only had 3 shelves in it originally, but my husband built extra shelves and now we have more than double the space we had before!

RV Pantry Organization
Extra shelves

Keep in mind that not all of the shelves have to be an even height. We have one that is quite a bit shorter than the others that we use for canned goods and bread storage. Another shelf is just the perfect height for boxed mixes.

Just measure the items you have and build your extra shelves accordingly!

Use air-tight storage containers

I personally use these for things like rice, pasta, etc. We got a 10-piece set for a wedding gift and I love them!

They keep things fresh and also free up extra space. I use my rice and spaghetti noodle containers most often, but we also keep things in them like tea bags, chocolate chips, and slivered almonds.

They come in multiple different sizes and there are quite a few brands. Ours are OXO brand.

RV pantry organization BONUS TIP – Put frequently used recipes on containers!

Is there a recipe that you find yourself constantly looking up? Save yourself some time and add it to the outside of a container!

I used to spend forever looking for my favorite Jasmine rice recipe so I finally wisened up and wrote it on a sticky note one day and taped it to the rice container! Now I never have to look it up.

RV Pantry Organization
Rice recipe

I also added the pasta instructions from the bag onto the pasta container. I just cut it out and taped it on. Fast and simple!

How I organize my RV pantry

Watch the video on our YouTube channel below to see exactly how I organize my RV pantry.

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I hope that these RV pantry organization tips have been helpful for you. You can find some of our favorite RV organizing items on our Amazon store here.

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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  1. I wish our “pantry” was this spacious 😱 half the time I have to get a step ladder out the reach the stuff on the middle and top shelf. We may need to add an additional shelf like y’all did!

  2. Okay okay okay I freaking LOVE THIS!! I have been doing this recently with all our roomates because there’s just an overload of stuff and taking things out of the boxes it a game changer! I cut off the directions and keep it with it and throw the rest away🙌🏼 Also love love love you command hooks on the other side, totally going to do that to ours!😍 thanks for this girlfriend! So so helpful!!

  3. That pantry is goals!! Also how smart to write down the recipes like that – I’m the person that is constantly looking them up!

  4. These are some great RV storage tips! I help my mom pack up her RV before she heads out trekking across the US. I’ll have to get her some of those fabric storage bins, they’re a great idea.

  5. Okay, Janae, I LOVED this!! My kitchen is still something I’m working on, and I never thought of fabric baskets!! Love that they are not structured so they can bend and conform to the space! Thanks so much!!!


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