21 Gorgeous RV Bedroom Makeovers & Cozy Remodel Ideas

I am so excited to showcase these 21 gorgeous RV bedroom makeovers for you guys today!

After my last RV renovation round-up, I’ve realized that you guys love seeing RV makeovers!

At the end of this post, you can find even more RV renovation round-ups, but for now, here are 21 gorgeous RV bedroom makeovers.

Whether you’re looking for ideas for your renovation projects or love seeing beautiful tiny spaces, I hope you enjoy this list!

Bohemian RV Bedroom Remodel Ideas

1. @alineatl

How beautiful is this bedroom?! I need a plant wall like that ASAP!

Any full-time RVer could be cozy in this space. I love the boho vibes, and all of those plants are stunning!

Bohemian-style RV bedroom remodel with white cabinets and a rust orange throw on the bed.

2. @thehighwaysdaughter

Ok, this is aesthetic is serious goals right here! The strands of lights they used are such a perfect addition!

A little creativity like this can give older RVs, or even a new RV, a much more modern look.

Bohemian-style RV bedroom renovation with macrame hangings, plants, and orange bedding

3. @place_ofmy_taste

These bold Southwest vibes are so fun! I love how she used macrame to hide the cubby on the back wall.

This is such a refreshing change of pace from solid white paint RV makeover ideas! I personally love colorful RV renovations.

Bohemian-style RV bedroom makeover with aztec bedding, macrame hangings, and decorative pillows

4. @the_realrebekah

Umm…Wow! How gorgeous is this one?! A few coats of paint made a huge difference in this RV bedroom makeover.

I seriously love this style! And that cactus is darling.

Bohemian-style RV bedroom makeover with white walls and cabinets and orange/brown colored bedding

Modern RV Bedroom Makeovers

5. @spaces.by.rachel

As you know, I’m a huge fan of Rachel’s renovation work, and this one is no exception! I love how modern yet simple it is!

And that blue headboard gives just the perfect pop of color. It would be a great color for RV bathroom renovations, too!

A modern blue and white RV renovation with wood accents

6. @lessthingsbigdreams

Ok, can we take a moment to admire that headboard?! Wow! A statement piece for sure.

This is definitely a gorgeous space, and it’s one of my favorite RV bedroom remodel ideas on this whole list!

A modern black and white RV bedroom makeover

7. @laceyautumnbrooke

Ok, can I have this bedroom, please?! Perfection! I love how there are cubbies in this fifth-wheel bedroom for more storage space since there aren’t any nightstands or countertop space near the bed.

I also love how she removed the original doors to the RV closets and replaced them with curtains. Super cute!

A modern RV bedroom remodel with white and earth tones

P.S….RV mattresses can be so uncomfortable! Check out our RV mattress upgrade and what we are currently loving if you need a recommendation.

8. @spaces.by.rachel

Isn’t this next RV bedroom gorgeous?! The colors here, combined with the Roman curtain shades, give me beachy vibes.

This room just goes to show that you can completely transform a space without having to go overboard. I love it!

A modern and simple RV bedroom renovation with teal blue and mustard yellow accents

9. @humbills.homeontherange

This bedroom space is so cozy! I love the colors that she chose, and that wallpaper is stunning!

In my opinion, the best way to give your RV a fresh look while making your RV look like yours is by adding bright colors. And how darling is that RV headboard makeover?!

A brightly colorful RV bedroom makeover with pink, yellow, and green accents

10. @spaces.by.rachel

Sometimes, an RV master bedroom can be transformed into something entirely new, which is exactly what happened with this room!

The master bed was removed and replaced with custom bunk beds, and the closet space was transformed into a more functional cabinet space.

Don’t be afraid to make bold changes to turn your RV into the most functional space for your needs.

A sleek, modern RV bedroom remodel with green and deep blue accents

11. @adventures_with_tucknae

I decided to go bold with the red accents in my 5th-wheel bedroom makeover, and I love how it turned out!

We used peel and stick wallpaper in the slide, a fresh coat of paint on the RV walls, cabinets, and cabinet doors, and as you can see, we chose to go with very bright colors. I also made new curtains for the windows.

As full-time RVers, we wanted our space to reflect our personal style. I realize this 5th-wheel bedroom remodel isn’t for everyone, but this RV interior look is perfect for us.

If you plan to replace the slide trim in your RV bedroom, check out our RV slide trim replacement guide next!

A modern RV bedroom makeover with black, white, and red accents

12. @littlegusthebus

This bus makeover is so cozy! All of the natural light really brightens the space up, and the new bedding, dark wood accents, and decor all make this bedroom the perfect addition to the main area of this bus renovation.

A cozy RV bedroom renovation with lots of wood and earthy tones

13. @spaces.by.rachel

Here is yet another awesome headboard! This was made with pool noodles and fabric, resulting in a beautiful (and light-weight) headboard.

And bonus, it was cheap too! If you don’t have room for large wall decor, similar DIY projects like this could be a great idea.

A sleek and simple RV bedroom renovation with minor grey tones

14. @spaces.by.rachel

This next RV bedroom renovation is one of my personal favorites! It is perfection!

Rachel always breathes new life with all the hard work she puts into her full RV renovations.

A bright white and wood RV bedroom makeover

Minimalistic RV Bedroom Renovations

15. @slo.gathered.home

I remember watching Danielle’s Instagram stories when she created this beautiful wood accent wall headboard. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

While this is still a minimal RV remodel, the accent headboard gives it a unique and cozy feel.

A unique RV headboard with a pattern made out of wood

16. @thegarciacasita

I love this bunk room renovation! Adding floor-length curtains is an easy way to make a small space like this feel much larger.

Check out our other post for more RV bunk room remodel ideas featuring easy ways to upgrade your RV bunk beds.

A cute and cozy RV bunk room renovation

17. @thetinywallsfamily

This is a perfect example of how beautiful minimalism can be! This living space is clearly a happy place.

RV renovations do not have to be crazy overboard to make a space feel like home.

A minimalistic RV bedroom with white and cream accents

Tiny RV Bedroom Ideas

18. @yourhypecouple

The faux boxwood headboard in this bus renovation is so cool! Super cute!

I also like the light fixtures they chose, and those throw pillows on the RV mattress definitely make this a more cozy living area.

A colorful RV bedroom with green and blue decorations

19. @sisterleerv

This camper bedroom makeover is darling! The custom divider curtains are such a good idea to separate the living room from the bedroom in this travel trailer.

A tiny popup trailer bedroom renovation with red and grey colors

20. @emsvanlife

This cozy bedroom is actually in a camper van! I love the bold color choices.

This van bedroom is the ideal spot to cozy up after a long day of exploring!

A tiny van bedroom with colorful bedding and wallpaper

21. @rice_camp

And this tiny space is simply beautiful! RV bedroom ideas don’t have to take a lot of work; they can come a long way with a paint sprayer and decorative items from Hobby Lobby or similar home decor stores.

As a bonus, we get a sneak peek of an RV kitchen renovation in this tiny home as well!

A cute RV renovation with black, white, and green accents

In Conclusion: 21 Gorgeous RV Bedroom Makeovers & Cozy Remodel Ideas

I hope you enjoyed looking through all of these gorgeous RV bedroom makeovers as much as I enjoyed putting them together and that you’ve found some RV bedroom decorating ideas as well!

Check out these renovator accounts on Instagram and let them know you found them here.

Which of these RV bedroom remodels was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!|

Much Love, Janae xoxo

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