RV Tip: How To Keep Glass Plates From Breaking in an RV

If you live/travel full-time in an RV, then chances are you have real breakable dishes. Today’s RV tip is going to show you how to keep glass plates from breaking in an RV during travel days.

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RV Hacks: Glass plates

How to keep glass plates from breaking in an RV

Have you ever worried about your dishes getting broken during a travel day? I have, and that’s why I’m sharing this hack with you today!

We started traveling full-time in our 5th wheel right after we got back from our honeymoon. It was our first “home” and we had all of our possessions with us, including the dishes that we were given for our wedding.

I was worried about them getting broken, so I asked Tucker to think of a way to protect them during travel days.

What he came up with was genius! He used a non-adhesive easy liner in-between each of the plates to provide grip and prevent them from sliding around.

Here’s how you can do it yourself:

First up, cut the liner to size.

We didn’t measure exactly how large of rectangles we needed, but just eyeballed it. Once we got one section cut to size, we used it as a template for the others.

You will need one large rectangle between each larger plate and one for on the top, and a small rectangle for between each of the smaller plates.

Stacking easy liner between the plates

Place a rectangle between each plate.

It’s so easy, but makes a world of difference!

We’ve been using this system for over a year now and we’ve never had a broken plate! Win, win!

You can also do this for any other breakable dishes you may have.

Finished stack

Do you use real dinner wear or do you only travel with disposable plates?

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