5 Reasons Why We Chose Our Montana High Country 335BH

Did you know that our Keystone Montana High Country 335BH was not our first RV? When we started traveling in an RV in 2019 we were in a Keystone Montana High Country 385BR. After a year and a half, we decided to trade it in for our current 5th wheel.

Montana High Country 385BR
Our first Montana High Country

We knew we wanted to stick with another Montana High Country because of the high quality. In fact, we don’t anticipate ever owning another brand! It took us a while to find our perfect model, but it was worth the search!

Here are the 5 main reasons why we chose the Keystone Montana High Country 335BH:

The Montana High Country master suite

The master suite of our 5th wheel is the main thing that sold me on it! Being just the two of us it was important to me to find a good living space for us.


Our master suite has a large bedroom with a king-size bed. We did lose a little bit of bedroom storage space but it was totally worth it to us! There are still two corner closets and lots of dresser drawers.

Recently, we renovated everything. We added wallpaper and curtains and painted all of the cabinets. I will do an in-depth blog post in the near future about our master suite renovation and everything we used!


The bathroom is connected to the bedroom with a sliding barn door. It has SO much more space than our previous bathroom! There is a corner shower and a large cabinet with storage and our washer/dryer combo unit.

It had two medicine cabinets originally but we ended up taking the one above the toilet out. We put a decorative shelf in its place. We also replaced the medicine cabinet above the sink with a more decorative cabinet.

The Montana High Country’s front windshield

When we started searching for our next Montana High Country I knew I wanted one with a huge front window/windshield!

It cost us closet space, but it was totally worth it! We have had some pretty incredible views out of that front window.

It’s one of my favorite places in the RV. I love to sit on the windowsill and watch the sunset or stargaze. Trust me, it’s amazing!

Our Montana High Country 335BH
When we got our Montana High Country 335BH

It has the same kitchen as our previous Montana High Country

I loved the kitchen in our Montana High Country 385BR so I was overjoyed when our new rig had the exact same kitchen!

Having the same layout made moving everything over from the old kitchen to the new kitchen a breeze! I didn’t have to worry about figuring out what went where. I had already figured that out!

Also, the new rig had the same pantry which I loved. It’s very spacious and holds everything we need, even when we want to stock up on extras for boondocking or if we’re staying somewhere far away from a grocery store.

I have a detailed blog post about our RV pantry where I share all of my best RV pantry organization tips so be sure and check that out here as well!

The length is shorter but we don’t lose space

Our previous Montana High Country was a beast….42′ in length! For someone who is stationary, I feel like the length doesn’t matter quite as much, but we move a lot. We also love boondocking and having a crazy long rig got us in some bad situations.

Our current rig is 37′ when we’re traveling, but here’s the hitch. It’s still 42′ when we’re stationary! Say whaaat?! Yep! We actually have a slide out the rear of our 5th wheel that gives us 5 extra feet if we’re stationary and chose to extend it out.

This is super nice! It allows us to have a shorter rig for traveling and navigating tight spaces, but it also gives us extra room inside when we want it.

Also, believe it or not, we have more storage space in the new rig than we did in our previous one! Win-win!

An extra bunk room and bathroom for when we have company in our Montana High Country

We have family come stay with us a few times a year and having a space for them in the RV was important to us.

Our Montana High Country 335BH has a back bunk room (located in that rear slide I mentioned earlier) and it also has a half-bathroom with a sink and a toilet.

We generally try to clear everything out of the bunk room and allow them to spread out and take over back there during their visit. Having a second bathroom also helps out tremendously when you have extra people in your RV.

The back bunk room also has a large attic space above it that could sleep 2 people but we use it as a large attic space to store extra items in totes.

In closing

Overall, we are very happy with our Keystone Montana High Country 335BH and plan to stay in this rig for a long time!

If you are searching for a new 5th wheel, I encourage you to take a look at the Montana High Country line. Not only are they quality built, but they have beautiful aesthetics as well. You can find a list of all of the current floor plans available here.

Also, feel free to reach out to me if you don’t have a good dealer already and I can put you in contact with some great people!

You can check out the full walk-through tour of our new 2021 Keystone Montana High Country 335BH 5th wheel here, or watch our YouTube video below.

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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  1. I love how our matching RV’s brought us together 🥰😅 I’m so glad y’all found the perfect RV for your family, it’s such a hard decision but one that is so worth it in the end! Also, I don’t think we’ll ever own anything else but a keystone Montana too!🙌🏼😍


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