21 Beautiful RV Kitchen Renovations & Ideas

I recently started renovating our RV kitchen as well and love scrolling through other people’s RV kitchen renovations for remodeling ideas and inspiration.

Even though our personal style is more unique than some, I still enjoy seeing how creative other renovators have been and enjoy seeing the different styles shine through in these camper kitchen remodel ideas.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 21 of the most beautiful RV kitchen renovations for you to get ideas from. Enjoy!

(PS, click through any of these profiles to view even more of their beautiful renovations on their Instagram pages!)

1. @behrnecessitiesrv

My favorite thing about this RV kitchen renovation is the open shelving on the far wall! This is definitely a cozy space.

Modern RV kitchen with brown wooden cabinets, white open shelving displaying clean dishes, and a woven pendant light.

2. @rooteddrydens

Butcher block countertops, white brick tile backsplash, and a gorgeous accent color on the lower cabinets…what’s not to love?! I’m also jealous of that window right above the sink. Super cute!

Compact RV kitchen corner featuring a black farmhouse sink, blue cabinets, and butcher block counters against a subway tile backsplash.

3. @laceyautumnbrooke

It’s no secret that I love Lacey’s stunning RV! A few of my favorite things about her RV kitchen makeover are, once again, the open shelves, the butcher block countertops, the kitchen faucet, and her hanging fruit and veggie holders.

That RV bedroom renovation looks cozy, too!

Bright RV kitchen with a witty wall sign, floating wooden shelves filled with glass jars, and a stainless steel fridge.

4. @emilyfeely

I really love the beautiful colors Emily used in her RV. I feel like a lot of times, people are afraid to use bold colors, but this is a great example of how gorgeous colorful RV renovations can be!

Cozy RV living space with emerald green cabinets, a flat-screen TV, and vibrant houseplants enhancing the homely vibe.

5. @thetinywallsfamily

Speaking of adding color, how fun is Alexis’ hand-painted Texas flag in her kitchen?! Tucker would love this in our trailer, haha. This is definitely a unique RV kitchen renovation, but I love how much personality it adds!

Sleek kitchen area in an RV with a Texas flag design on a vertical panel, surrounded by rich wooden cabinetry.

6. @cascadepine.designbuild

How cozy is this RV kitchen space? I love how modern meets rustic with this remodel. That door leading to the RV bunk room is super cool! And, of course, the cute doggo deserves a shout-out as well!

I also love the RV table that they chose. It looks great!

Clean and simple RV kitchen setup with a black dog sitting by a wooden dining table and a white farm door in the background.

7. @humbills.homeontherange

Natalie knocked it out of the park with this renovation!! I love the color she chose to paint the cabinets in her RV and the island. And that huge sink is awesome!

Renovating an RV is not easy, but if the outcome looks like this, it’s worth it!

White and wood-themed RV kitchen with a central island, stainless steel appliances, and rustic hanging lights.

8. @spaces.by.rachel

This minimal RV kitchen renovation is so stunning! I love how she kept some of the natural wood and the original countertops but still brightened the entire space up. So pretty!

Curved kitchen counter in an RV with a black faucet, granite countertop, and a variety of kitchen utensils on display.

9. @motorcitymouse

How fun is this beautiful accent wall? I love the added dimension…I may need to do something like this in our kitchen, haha!

A quaint RV kitchen corner with a herringbone pattern in teal, wooden countertops, and a neat arrangement of kitchen towels and utensils.

10. @mountainmodernlife

This RV kitchen renovation is SO cozy! I love the whole vibe of this rig. The dark, moody tones at the bottom are perfectly balanced with the bright white top. It’s stunning!

Inviting RV interior showcasing a kitchen with wooden accents, a comfortable couch, and a warm throw pillow, reflecting a cozy living area.

11. @thehuntersvanlife

Who says a small kitchen can’t be beautiful?! Ethan and Katelynn did a great job remodeling their van, and I love how their van kitchen renovation turned out.

Rustic RV kitchen setup in a van with a scenic desert view, featuring a gas stove, hanging fruits, and wooden cabinetry.

12. @laneslesstraveled

I love the cozy farmhouse vibe that Lindsay has going on in her RV kitchen! Once again, the combo of white and natural wood is beautiful, and the design on the door is so fun!

Cozy RV kitchen space with a wooden countertop island displaying fresh fruits, a striped cushion, and wooden cabinets.

13. @5fittsinafifthwheel

There’s something about seeing white kitchen cabinets and wood slide trim that makes me happy! I also love the subway tile backsplash.

Minimalist RV kitchen with sleek white cabinetry, a microwave, and a stainless steel refrigerator beside a marble countertop.

14. @jacquelinesarahh

How cute is this tiny kitchen?! I love that retro fridge! Too cute!

Charming RV kitchen with a vintage-style cream refrigerator, wooden countertops, and a coffee machine on the counter.

15. @thebradleybunchadventures

Umm, hello gorgeous!! Hold on; I need to find something I can paint black, haha! You’ve got to click through to her profile and see the rest of the rig; it’s amazing!

Modern RV kitchen with black countertops, floating wooden shelves with pots, and a white subway tile backsplash.

16. @spaces.by.rachel

Ok, is this not one of the most beautiful RV kitchens you’ve ever seen?! Wow!!

That backsplash would also look great in an RV bathroom renovation!

Compact RV kitchen corner with subway tile backsplash, a steel sink filled with fresh produce, and a cutting board.

17. @stairsuphandlein

I love all of the tiny details in this RV kitchen renovation! And that hexagon backsplash is so cute!

Compact RV kitchen corner with hexagon tile backsplash, a steel sink filled with fresh produce, and a cutting board.

18. @mckenna.adrift

Simple changes make such a huge impact! I love this white backsplash that McKenna added to her tiny kitchen.

Simplistic RV kitchenette featuring a microwave, a single-serve coffee maker, and a clean white brick-style backsplash.

19. @chasingthecashes

Here’s another cozy kitchen! I love how Tammy has so many RV plants throughout her rig. They make everything so beautiful!

Homely RV kitchen with dark cabinets, a metal sink, a framed quote on the wall, and a plant adding a touch of greenery.

20. @adventures_with_tucknae

After what felt like forever, we finally finished our RV kitchen remodel, and I’m so happy with how it’s turned out! What do you think?

Spacious RV kitchen with teal cabinets, modern appliances, and hanging pendant lights over a speckled countertop island.

Check out all the details of our RV kitchen renovation by watching our detailed YouTube video.

21. @twinning_in_our_home

Last but certainly not least, this has got to be one of my favorite RV kitchen renovation ideas! I think it’s safe to say April has definitely made this tiny house into a home. I love the wallpaper!

Bright and airy RV kitchen with natural light, featuring a woven hanging light fixture, white cabinetry, a microwave, and a lively plant on the counter. Decorative touches include a sign, a patterned backsplash, and neatly arranged kitchen utensils.

In Closing: 21 Beautiful RV Kitchen Renovations to Inspire You

I hope you’ve found this round-up of RV kitchen renovations inspiring! Which one of these RV kitchen remodel ideas was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy renovating!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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  1. All the remodel envy! I wish we had taken time to update our rig (2011 Cougar), but we just hitched up and headed out. All the essential repairs keep us busy and then when they don’t we’re trying to explore. But I live vicariously!

  2. So many fabulous kitchen renovations! I love how there are so many different vibes going on in this post. Definitely saving this for the future!

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