21 Beautiful RV Kitchen Renovations

I decided to continue on my RV renovations round-ups today with 21 Beautiful RV Kitchen Renovations.

I recently started renovating our RV kitchen as well and love scrolling through other people’s renovations for remodeling ideas and inspiration.

Even though our personal style is more unique than some, I still enjoy seeing how creative other renovators have been and enjoy seeing the different styles shine through in these camper kitchen remodel ideas.

(PS, click through any of these profiles to view even more of their beautiful renovations on their Instagram pages!)


My favorite thing about this RV kitchen renovation is the open shelving on the far wall! This is definitely a cozy space.

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Butcher block countertops, white brick tile backsplash, and a gorgeous accent color on the lower cabinets…what’s not to love?! I’m also jealous of that window right above the sink. Super cute!


It’s no secret that I love Lacey’s stunning RV! I have featured it on the blog and love following her on Instagram. A few of my favorite things about her RV kitchen makeover are, once again, the open shelves, the butcher block countertops, the kitchen faucet, and her hanging fruit and veggie holders.


I really love the beautiful colors Emily used in her RV. I feel like a lot of times, people are afraid to use bold colors, but this is a great example of how gorgeous they can be!

This makes me want to redo our new cabinets, haha! Such a gorgeous small space.


Speaking of adding color, how fun is Alexis’ hand-painted Texas flag in her kitchen?! Tucker would love this in our trailer, haha.


How is this even an RV?! Such a beautiful kitchen renovation. I love how they replaced the traditional stainless steel sink as well. I also really like their RV kitchen cabinets.


Natalie knocked it out of the park with this renovation!! I love the color she chose to paint the island. And that huge sink is awesome!

Renovating an RV is not easy, but if the outcome looks like this, it’s worth it!

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Karlee and Weston are a husband and wife team who renovate many beautiful RVs. This travel trailer kitchen remodel is one of my personal favorites. Check out the difference in the before and after pictures!


How fun is this beautiful accent wall? I love the added dimension…I may need to do something like this in our kitchen, haha!


This RV kitchen renovation is SO cozy! I love the whole vibe of this rig.


Who says a small kitchen can’t be beautiful?! Ethan and Katelynn did a great job remodeling their van.

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I love the cozy farmhouse vibe that Lindsay has going on in her RV kitchen! That wreath is so pretty, and the design on the door is beautiful!


There’s something about seeing white kitchen cabinets and butcher block countertops that makes me happy! I also love the kitchen sink covers; very handy!

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How cute is this tiny kitchen?! I love that fridge! Too cute!


Umm, hello gorgeous!! Hold on; I need to find something I can paint black, haha! You’ve got to click through to her profile and see the rest of the rig; it’s amazing!


Ok, is this not one of the most beautiful RV kitchens you’ve ever seen?! Wow!!


I love all of the tiny details in this RV kitchen renovation! And that fridge is super cool.


Simple changes make such a huge impact! I love this white backsplash that McKenna added to her tiny kitchen.


Here’s another cozy kitchen! I love how Tammy has so many plants throughout her rig. They make everything so beautiful!


After what felt like forever, we finally finished our RV kitchen renovation, and I’m so happy with how it’s turned out! What do you think?

Check out all the details of our RV kitchen renovation by watching our detailed YouTube video.

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Last but certainly not least, this has got to be one of my favorite RV kitchen renovations! I think it’s safe to say April has definitely made this tiny house into a home.

I hope you’ve found this round-up of RV kitchen renovations inspiring! Which one of these RV kitchen remodel ideas was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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Much Love, Janae xoxo

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  1. All the remodel envy! I wish we had taken time to update our rig (2011 Cougar), but we just hitched up and headed out. All the essential repairs keep us busy and then when they don’t we’re trying to explore. But I live vicariously!

  2. So many fabulous kitchen renovations! I love how there are so many different vibes going on in this post. Definitely saving this for the future!

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