2024 Passport America Membership Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

RVing can be expensive, especially if you stay at a lot of RV parks. One of the main ways that we keep RVing affordable for us is by using our Passport America Membership.

In this post, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Passport America, including frequently asked questions, and help you start saving 50% off campgrounds right away!

This post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a small commission when you make a purchase using my links at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my blog by booking through my links! 

What is a Passport America Membership?

Passport America is a discount camping club. By signing up for a membership, you can save 50% at all participating campgrounds.

As you can imagine, these significant savings add up very fast! Our first one-year membership paid for itself at the very first campground we used it at.

There are multiple membership programs or discount camping clubs that you can join, but Passport America is the largest 50% discount camping club and is the one we recommend to all fellow RVers.

Other popular RV clubs and RV memberships in the RV community include Harvest Hosts, Good Sam, and Thousand Trails.

A group of RVs parked in Passport America Membership campground, including a fifth wheel.

How Much Does a Passport America Membership Cost?

You might be wondering if it’s worth the cost to join Passport America. Well, it’s not as expensive of a membership fee as you might think!

Currently (updated January 2024), a one-year membership only costs $44. A 2-year membership is $79, and a 3-year membership is $109.

Plus, if you sign up using our Passport America affiliate link here, you will receive an additional 4 months for free!

Okay, so let’s say you go with the one-year membership to start with. (That’s what we did too!)

Using our link, you will pay $44 for 16 months of saving 50% at campgrounds. If the campground you stay at regularly costs $50/night, you will only pay $25/night, with the savings being half price using your Passport America card.

After 2 nights, you will already have paid for your membership, and everything from then on is pure savings!

For us, this was a no-brainer. We purchased our membership during the first week as full-time RVers, and it’s one of the best decisions we made.

What are the Downsides (Cons) of a Passport America Membership

  • Limited Days & Blackout Dates: Some campgrounds place restrictions on when the discount can be applied. This might include blackout days during peak RV season, holidays, or weekends, meaning you can’t always get the discount when you want it.

  • Varying Campground Standards: While there are over 1,200 campgrounds that accept Passport America, the quality of the campgrounds is not all the same. Some might offer limited amenities or might not be as well-maintained as others.

  • Discount Limitations: Some campgrounds restrict the number of consecutive nights you can use the discount, which might limit longer stays at a reduced price.

  • Not Always the Best Fit for Long-Term Stays: If you’re planning on staying in one place for several weeks or even months, then some campgrounds might not offer the Passport America discount for such extended stays.

What are the Benefits (Pros) of a Passport America Membership

  • Significant Savings: With a 50% discount at participating campgrounds, the savings add up fast! For many RV owners, the membership pays for itself after just a few stays.

  • Widespread Acceptance: Passport America is accepted at over 1,200 campgrounds across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. This provides a variety of choices and locations for your travels.

  • User-Friendly Tools: The “My Passport America” app makes it easy to locate participating campgrounds, read reviews, and plan your routes. This is especially helpful for on-the-go travelers.

  • Flexible Membership Options: Whether you opt for a yearly membership or decide to invest in a lifetime membership, there’s a choice that fits every RVer’s needs and travel plans.

Where Can I Use My Passport America Membership?

There are currently over 1,200 RV parks and campgrounds that participate in the Passport America discount.

It is important to remember that these campgrounds are independently owned and operated. Some of the participating campgrounds have limiting stipulations.

These could include black-out days during peak RV season (commonly from Memorial Day through Labor Day), only 30amp electric instead of 50 amp, weekdays only, or limiting to only a few nights of use.

To find these stipulations, be sure to read the “Important Campground Notes” section for each individual campground.

It is also best to call the campground directly and ask for their current Passport America policy.

Some of the participating campgrounds are very nice with an abundance of amenities, while others are very basic and are primarily a place to sleep with full hookups.

If you are staying in the same RV park for weeks or months at a time, then Passport America might not be the best option.

We tend to use it often when stopping over for one or two nights between destinations or to refill our water and use the dump station to dump our tanks after boondocking.

How Can I Find Passport America Campgrounds?

The best way to find participating Passport America parks is by using the My Passport America app. You can search by country, state, or even city in the app.

You can also find campground reviews and learn more about each location. (Download the Passport America directory here.)

Another great feature that you can use is the trip planning section. You can input where you’re starting from and your ending destination and it will show you any participating campgrounds along your route.

If you choose not to download the app, you can also find all of the information you need on the Passport America website. Head to the Passport America login here.

Find the current campground list of participating parks here.

A group of RVs parked in Passport America Membership campground, including a Montana High Country fifth wheel.

Is There a Lifetime Membership for Passport America?

Yes! There is a lifetime membership. As I mentioned earlier, we originally signed up for a one-year membership.

We very quickly realized how much it was saving us in camping discounts and how valuable it was.

After our one-year membership expired, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase a Passport America lifetime membership.

We paid $299 and will be able to save half-off camping for the rest of our lives. A great deal if you ask me!

If you aren’t sure if Passport America RV club will be worth it to you, we recommend starting with a one-year membership.

It is only $44 and will help you to know if this savings club is worth the long-term investment for you. You can renew yearly if you don’t think you will be RVing long-term.

How Often Can I Use My Passport America Membership?

You can use your membership as frequently as you’d like!

There are no limitations from Passport America, only the limitations put out by the individual campgrounds.

As long as the campgrounds don’t limit your stay, you can use your membership as often as you want to!

Can I Use My Passport America Discount with Another Discount?

There are several other RV discount programs available, but to my knowledge, none of them can be combined with the Passport America discount.

You also cannot combine it with a campground’s week-long or month-long discount.

So, if you are staying in a campground for a week, you will have to do the math and see which discount will save you more money.

A Montana High Country fifth-wheel RV in a Passport America RV park.

Is My Passport America Membership Valid in Other Countries?

Passport America is currently only valid in 3 countries.

  • The United States
  • Mexico
  • Canada

If you are from another country and are headed to these countries in North America to travel in an RV, you can still purchase and use a Passport America membership while you are visiting.

Do I Need to Make Reservations at Passport America Campgrounds?

It is always recommended to make reservations in advance when you can.

However, we are last-minute people and usually call the RV park before arriving to ensure room for us.

When you call, make sure to mention that you are a Passport America member and verify that they will accept your discount card during your stay.

How to Join Passport America

Have we convinced you to join Passport America? If so, head to our link here to join and get an extra 4 months free when using our affiliate link!

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to start using your membership right away.

Print off the temporary card and use that while you wait for your permanent card to arrive in the mail.

A graphic showing how to save 50% on campsites with a Passport America Membership.

A Few of the Passport America Campgrounds We’ve Stayed At

As mentioned earlier, we generally only stay at campgrounds to refresh from boondocking or as a quick one or two-night stop-over.

Because of that, we typically look for the cheapest RV parks and don’t bother with flashy amenities.

If you like more flashy amenities, there are plenty of other Passport America campgrounds out there if the ones mentioned below are not the best fit for you.

AOK Camper Park – Amarillo, TX

If you’re looking for a quiet place to stop over for a night in Amarillo, TX, this campground is perfect.

The regular nightly rate is $34/night so the Passport America discount brings it down to $17/night.

There are full hookups but very few other amenities. We stay here when visiting family nearby and have enjoyed this campground many times.

If you are okay with no frills, this is a great place to spend the night!

Candy Cane RV Park & Campground – Steelville, MO

This campground in Steelville, MO was our first-ever Passport America RV park!

The regular nightly rate is $38/night so the Passport America discount brings it down to $19/night.

We had full hookups, and the campground was nice and quiet.

Pets are allowed at this campground, and there is a swimming pool and a few other smaller activities you can enjoy.

A Montana High Country RV and truck parked in a Passport America campground.

Spring River RV Park – Roswell, NM

Have you been to Roswell, NM yet? This unique town appeals to many RV travelers; we just happened to be passing through while headed to a national park.

The regular nightly rate is $40/night so the Passport America discount brings it down to $20/night.

The facilities here were nice, but the park was very crowded, and the other campers were obnoxious.

We would not likely stay here again, but it worked for the night we needed to.

Days End Campground – Sturgis, SD

We stayed at this campground for two nights after boondocking for a week to dump our tanks and refill water.

The regular nightly rate is $34.50/night, so the Passport America discount brings it down to $17.25/night.

To get the Passport America discount, we had to stay at least two days.

The campground was basic and quiet and was a great place for us to stay for a few nights.

Hwy 160 RV Park – Highlandville, MO

This was the campground we were based out of during our visit to the Springfield/Branson, MO area.

The regular nightly rate is $25/night so the Passport America discount brings it down to $12.50/night.

Once again, this is a no-frills campground, but the staff and campers were very friendly, and we enjoyed our stay here. We had a pull-through site with full hookups.

In Conclusion: Is the Passport America Membership Worth It?

Overall, the Passport America membership has been very helpful in saving us money during our RV travels.

Is it for everyone? No, of course not. But it can save you a lot of money!

Our overall Passport America membership review is that yes, it is well worth it for us! It is our favorite of the RV campground memberships available.

Don’t forget that you get an extra four months free when you sign up for Passport America using our link here!

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave a comment or reach out on our IG account, and we would be happy to talk about Passport America with you!

Happy camping!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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Why You Should Join the Passport America RV Membership
Why You Should Join the Passport America RV Membership