21 Stunning RV Renovations & How They’re Decorated

Who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through pictures of gorgeous RV renovations?! I’m excited to share these 21 stunning RV renovations with you!

Whether you have a fifth wheel, camper van, travel trailer, or bus, I hope you find these renovations as inspiring as I have!


How cute is the pop of color on this RV renovation?!

I adore the clean, fresh aesthetic that she created. And that mirror is perfection! The small things add up for sure.


Ok, can we just take a moment to talk about that mirror?! Love it!

I love this bedroom. Perfect contrast of light and dark for this camper remodel!


Really digging the black and white aesthetic of this renovated living room and kitchen!

You really can’t go wrong adding plants as decoration elements.


Wanting a BoHo look? Check out this adorable RV renovation.

Check out those darling pillows!


Can you believe this is an RV bathroom?! So bright and I love that pop of color.

How cute are those wicker chairs?! And all those hanging plants!


I love having a bold pop of color in our fifth wheel bedroom!

Sometimes replacing the bathroom vanity can make a big difference!


Sammy lives in the same 5th wheel that we do and I absolutely LOVE what she’s done with it!

How cool is this hand-painted backsplash?! Obsessed.


I love the blue on the lower cabinets in this travel trailer. The whole room pops with the extra color!

I love how Hailee uses her guitar as part of her decorations!


This RV bathroom renovation is dreamy!

Jen handmade this gorgeous chandelier! Wow!!


I spy another round mirror! I think I’m gonna need to find myself one of these…

This bunk bed space is too cute!

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    I love how simply decorated, yet darling this RV is!

    Decorative pillows work great to brighten up any RV!


    How cool are these custom made bunk bed gates?! The remodel ideas this could inspire are endless!

    So you know how we were talking about plant envy earlier? Yah…it’s back. Also, I love how homey Laura’s kitchen is!


    Putting a laundry room outside is nothing short of genius!

    Organizing goals! This RV is far more beautiful than any brand new RV!


    How cute is this bunk space?!

    What a cozy bedroom! Loving those pillows!


    This little nursery set up is darling!

    I absolutely adore this interior loft space!


    I could see myself curling up on this cozy couch for an afternoon snooze.

    Ok, this is too stinkin’ cute!


    I love these curtains and pillows.

    Check out the storage space under this couch…wow! I’m a little bit jealous haha!


    What a great use of storage space.

    This has got to be one of the cutest kids rooms yet!

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    Dogs can be part of your decor as well, right? Loving that split barn door!

    My favorite part of this RV has to be those gorgeous cabinet doors above the TV…so cool!


    Loving this classic look.

    What a darling bathroom!


    I love how she painted her accent wall!

    She definitely has made her RV feel like home.

    And that’s a wrap!

    I hope you’ve enjoyed scrolling through stunning RV renovations! Be sure and visit the Instagram accounts linked in this post for more pictures of each RV. (All RV renovations in this post were used with permissions)

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    Much Love, Janae xoxo

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      23 thoughts on “21 Stunning RV Renovations & How They’re Decorated”

      1. LOVE these! I wish I was more handy and crafty with better interior design sense. Our RV is still the basic brown everything (when will RV manufacturers finally realize we’re sick of everything being brown and outdated in RVs?!). But I did start adding a peel & stick backsplash in the kitchen. I ran out before I could finish (ugh!) and just ordered more. Can’t wait to have it done and do it in the bathroom too. It’s really classed up the joint for such a small and [relatively] easy change!

      2. Wow! I love these ideas! These rv renovations give us so many ideas. I love the extra storage ideas and all the additions. I think my favorites are the outdoor laundry room and the one with the loft! Super cute little extras! Thanks for all these amazing ideas.


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