26 RV Bathroom Renovations and Remodel Ideas for 2023

If you’re looking for RV bathroom renovations to spark your next project, you’ve come to the right place. I searched for 26 of the most beautiful RV bathroom remodel ideas to share with you, and putting together this list was so much fun!

So without further adieu, here is my compilation of 25 RV bathroom renovations and remodel ideas for 2023.

RV Shower Remodel Ideas

First up, let’s look at a few ideas RV shower ideas. Some older RVers have very outdated showers that need replaced, and these are a few examples of what you can do.


I love how classic and sleek this RV bathroom renovation is! If you swipe through the pictures, you’ll see that they removed the traditional glass shower door and replaced it with a shower curtain, and they also redid the shower walls with lightweight tiles. The result is simply gorgeous! And reusing the shower pan is a great idea to save money.

I also really like the in-wall storage that they created. It’s so unique and practical! And the overall decor is simply beautiful.


This master suite shower definitely makes a statement. Wow! It’s so gorgeous and totally transforms this space. Not to mention how much roomier this shower is than most RV showers.

I love the contrast of black and white, and the wood accent wall was the perfect choice. Also, the new sink is so much better than the RV sink they originally had. This is such a gorgeous RV bathroom remodel!


Here is another beautiful shower transformation. Taking out the original shower and replacing it with a spacious walk-in shower really opened this space up! Some of my favorite things about this RV shower renovation are the upgraded shower head, the hanging circle mirror, the dark shower floor, and how they carried the shower tile over into the rest of the bathroom.

Overall, it’s minimalistic but simply lovely! And I also really like the shade of green that they chose for the cabinets. I could see myself living in this RV full time. It’s so pretty!

RV Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Moving on, let’s check out a few RV bathroom vanity ideas. Whether you’re looking for RV bathroom vanity replacement ideas, or you just want to spruce up your existing RV vanity, this section is for you.


This vanity area underwent a major transformation! From replacing the medicine cabinet with a gorgeous mirror and upgraded lighting to a new modern look with the sink and new RV faucet, you could definitely call this an impressive improvement!

I also really like their choice of wallpaper. It brightens the space up and adds just the perfect touch of color!


If you love antiques, then you are going to adore this space! They replaced the traditional RV vanity mirror with a thrifted medicine cabinet, used a rustic faucet, and repurposed a gorgeous tablecloth as a shower curtain.

I love how cozy and homey this RV bathroom is. More RV renovations should utilize unique pieces like this!


This RV bathroom renovation is so gorgeous! The transformation from before to after is so drastic it’s almost hard to believe it’s the same space! Every aspect of this vanity transformation is stunning, from the rattan basket mirror to the updated sink and faucet.

Although it’s all gorgeous, my favorite part of this RV bathroom makeover is the wood tile backsplash. It’s a showstopper!

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This RV vanity space is so spacious you would never guess it was an RV at first! Using a ginormous mirror like this makes the space feel so much bigger! I also really like the color that they chose for the vanity cabinets. It’s subtle but gorgeous.

Also, am I the only one who has never seen a regular toilet in an RV before this?! Most of us are stuck with an RV toilet so I’m jealous, haha!


How gorgeous is this RV bathroom vanity area?! I love how they did the wood slats on the curved wall, and the round mirror perfectly compliments the squared sink.

Also, how pretty are the plants in here?! And that shower curtain adds the perfect pop of color. Such a gorgeous space!


You don’t have to make super drastic changes to improve your RV bathroom. Sometimes, all it takes is a few small changes like this space. It’s amazing how a small change, like a few coats of paint, can really make such a big difference.

The new faucet and mirror also really helped to improve this simple transformation.


Here is another simple but beautifully functional RV bathroom renovation. I love how wide the sink is, and the black faucet and hardware contrast well with the white and grey tones throughout the room. And that peel-and-stick tile is gorgeous.

By the way, how cute is that towel holder?! I need to order one, haha!

RV Bathroom Sink Ideas

Next up, let’s check out some RV bathroom sinks. While there were a few in the RV bathroom remodels we’ve already shared, these upcoming camper renovation pictures feature RV sinks that really stand out!


I am a sucker for a beautiful squared sink, and this one is no exception! I also love how it sits above the counter instead of being sunken down into it.

Also, that mirror is beautiful, and the color used on the cabinets is so stunning!


Here’s another example of an above-counter sink, but this time it’s round! This bathroom is so beautiful. I love everything about it! The colors are stunning, and the black accents with the light fixture, the mirror, and the faucet bring a modern flair to the space that is just beautiful.

Once again, this is another example of how using a larger mirror can also give the illusion of a much larger space!

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Are you noticing a pattern here? I think I like the above-counter sinks, haha! I also really like the mirror used in this space as well. Everything is balanced perfectly!

The color of this bathroom is gorgeous! If you are looking for inspiration for bathroom renovations with color used in this, be sure to read my post with 21 colorful RV renovations next!

Small RV Bathroom Renovations

This next section features RV bathrooms that are all small and have space limitations. Many people only have small spaces to work with, so I wanted to include a decent amount of renovations in tight quarters.


One of my favorite things about this renovation is how they removed the shallow cabinets next to the doorway and used baskets on shelves instead. So genius!

Definitely swipe through these pictures to see the before and after shots. The transformation of this small space is quite impressive!


This RV bathroom is split into two sections, with the toilet and shower in one room and the sink in another. I love how they still tied everything together in both rooms!

Once again, with primarily white, accents of black, and butcher block wood countertops, this RV bathroom transformation is sleek and stunning.


The first thing I notice about the space in this tiny RV bathroom is that it is utilized so well! Adding a towel rack on the wall and using hanging baskets and shelves is a great way to maximize space.

I also really like how they used two dualling mirrors to bounce light around and make the corner not feel as small. A beautiful renovation, for sure!


The transformation of this tiny bathroom is incredible! I love the addition of the shelves in the wall, and that tile is perfect.

This is yet another example of what a huge difference a little paint can make! Check out the before pictures to see how much this space was lightened up!

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This RV bathroom renovation might be small, but it maximizes space very efficiently! I love the light fixture that they added, and all of the gold accents are stunning.

Also, the accents they added to the wall really take this tiny bathroom to the next level! Which brings us to the next section of this blog post; RV bathroom wall ideas.

RV Bathroom Wall Ideas

While painting your travel trailer bathroom can help a ton, sometimes it can be fun to do a little extra. That can look like wallpaper, shiplap, or beadboard and can be over all the walls or sometimes just an accent wall or small space.

Here are some examples of RV bathroom walls that have that extra touch of personality.


How fun is this wallpaper?! I love the pattern, and the little bit of color it adds to the room is also really fun.

Side note: I also really like the circular shelf they added above the toilet. So cute!


Here’s a great example of how adding beadboard as an accent on the lower half of a wall can make such a huge difference! Swipe through the pictures to see the before and after.

It’s such a simple way to make a big impact. I’m planning to do this in our next RV renovation!


It may surprise you that this is not peel-and-stick tile but rather peel-and-stick wallpaper! I love the finished look, and wallpaper is an easy way to update a used RV, in my opinion. Plus, it saves on weight during an RV remodel too!

We also swapped out the original medicine cabinet for a new one from Home Depot with added cubbies, and I added a pop of color by choosing red baskets. What do you think?

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Here is yet another stunning RV bathroom renovation! I love how this one features a simple shiplap wall. It makes this space look so much better, in my opinion!

If you don’t want to hang shiplap in your RV, you could also consider trying a DIY sharpie shiplap wall.


I love everything about this space! The light fixture, towel rack, sink and faucet, adorable shelves, and, oh yeah…that amazing wood slat wall!!

It’s simply gorgeous and gives this tiny space a lot of character. Beautiful job!


Would you believe that this RV came like this from the factory and is not renovated at all?! Apparently, RV manufacturers are starting to listen to what we want and they’re getting better!

I still wanted to include it in this post, as you could still get inspiration from what they did. I love the sleek black-and-white look with the patterned wallpaper. And they also only put wallpaper on one wall, which can be the best option for adding an accent without overdoing it.

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This is perhaps the most simple wall in this section of the post, but yet I’m absolutely in love with it!! If you’re looking for something minimal but elegant, this might be the perfect option for you.

I feel like this RV bathroom remodel belongs in a magazine! Don’t forget to swipe through the pictures to see what this older RV looked like before. An incredible transformation!


Here’s another subtle wallpaper accent wall that really adds a lot to this RV bathroom! By going with a neutral colored wallpaper, they also have the option to change out the accent color with different towels and decor in the future if they want to.

And how darling is that rug?! Top it off with all of the gorgeous plants and this space is so cozy and cute!

And that’s a wrap! Which one of these RV bathroom renovations was your favorite? Be sure to click through and follow these accounts on Instagram for more RV renovation pictures.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these RV bathroom renovations. Safe travels, and happy renovating!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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