21 Colorful RV Renovations

It’s no secret that most RV renovations are more neutral. White walls, white cabinets, and wood tones are beautiful, but that wasn’t the style that fit us best. I’ve always been drawn to the more colorful RV renovations and used a lot of color during our fifth wheel remodel.

Whether you have a brand new or an older rig, doing a few renovation projects can make it feel more like home. I hope you find this round-up of colorful RV renovations and makeover ideas as inspiring as I have! Enjoy!

(PS, click through any of these Instagram profiles to view even more of their beautiful remodel ideas on their pages!)


I love this renovation! The blue island gives the perfect contrast to the rest of the kitchen.


I’ll be honest, I would never have thought to use this color for kitchen cabinets, but it’s so pretty!!


How cool are these closet doors?! I love how they bring just a pop of color into the space.


I need this wallpaper!! Absolutely perfect for an RV and colorful too! If that doesn’t scream bucket list road trip I don’t know what does haha!


I absolutely love this kitchen! The color she chose to use is perfect, and I’m jealous of all of those cabinets for storage haha!


Being from Texas, I’m sure Tucker would love to do this, too haha! Definitely adds a fun pop of color!


Can you even believe this is an RV?! This makes me want to repaint our kitchen green haha!


I love how Megan uses touches of color all through their rig. How cute?!


You don’t have to use color everywhere, sometimes just an accent wall or cabinet is perfect! I really love this one!

PS, I need those throw pillows in my life!


Ok, but how cute is that door?! Brb, looking for a door to paint now haha!

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I love Brittnee’s distressed navy cabinets! Her kitchen matches and the whole rig is gorgeous!


Can you even believe that this is a popup travel trailer?! It’s so beautiful!


I love the color scheme and style that Sammy used in her fifth wheel! All of it is beautiful, but that door is my favorite part for sure! Such a cozy living room.


How pretty is this renovation?! That mural wall is such a statement piece and perfect for this rig! And I love how the pink carries over to the bunk beds too.


If you like vintage renovations, then you’re gonna love Leah’s rig! How cute is this?! I love the green that she chose to use, and her wallpaper is perfect!


I’ll be honest; this one blew me away!! How fun and cute is this?! Rachel runs an RV renovation business and created this for one of her clients as a mobile art studio. Too cute!

PS, you can find many great renovation tips on her IG account! She has used a lot of beautiful color schemes in her rigs.


It’s no secret that I love Jen’s renovations! How pretty is that dark green?! I’m obsessed! Really love her camper!


Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great and easy way to bring color into an RV interior without having to paint as much. I really love this pattern and the colors! Such a beautiful space.


Your’s Truly here! We renovated our RV with a lot of colors, but the kitchen has got to be my favorite out of all of them. We even custom-made the color just for our rig!

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Watch our detailed YouTube video below for all of the information about our RV kitchen renovation.


Not gonna lie, this rig makes me want to repaint our island navy blue. So beautiful and definitely the right color choice!


Last but certainly not least, I love how subtle the color is in this rig. It really makes the space feel so homey! And I’m obsessed with that wallpaper! The perfect contrast of light and dark.

I hope you’ve found these colorful RV renovations as inspiring as I have and that you’ll click through each one to see more of their gorgeous rigs.

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Much Love, Janae xoxo

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