21 Beautiful RV Wallpaper Ideas for DIY Camper Renovations

If you’re considering updating your camper, adding RV wallpaper can be a great way to easily make a major impact!

When we did our RV renovations, I knew I wanted to use wallpaper in a few places, and I enjoyed looking through different camper renovations to gather inspiration.

In this post, I wanted to round up 20+ beautiful RV wallpaper ideas to help as you plan out your next camper remodel project!

For more information about each space, click through the images or profiles to be taken to the original posts on Instagram.

Alright, ready to check out some gorgeous RV wallpaper inspiration? Let’s dive in!

Neutral RV Wallpaper Ideas

Let’s start with some neutral RV wallpaper inspiration.

These options can be a great way to add texture and character to your RV without too much color.

1. @james_and_meg

First up, we have this adorable accent wall in a bathroom.

RV bathroom renovations are one of my favorite places to add wallpaper.

As you can see, it’s a very easy way to make a huge difference in a small space!

Elegant RV bathroom with a herringbone-patterned wallpaper in soft green, enhancing the space alongside a white countertop and a potted fern decoration.

2. @driftless_rv_renovators

Instead of an RV headboard, you could consider using wallpaper.

This stunning black and white wallpaper adds such a fun flair to the space!

Stylish RV sleeping area highlighted by a bold black and white scallop-patterned wallpaper, complemented with soft pastel cushions and a wooden shelf above.

3. @slo.gathered.home

I love it when people get creative with their RV spaces, like this gorgeous outdoor RV space, using wallpaper on the outside of the door.

How fun is that?!

Autumn-themed RV entryway with a black and white checkered wallpaper, decorated with seasonal accents and a welcoming Jack Russell Terrier.

4. @wayland_ventures

One of my favorite RV renovation ideas is doing half wallpaper and half paneling on RV walls.

The result is so gorgeous! This subtle RV wallpaper design is perfect for the space.

Sophisticated RV bathroom with a circular mirror reflecting a textured white and gray marble wallpaper, paired with a chic black faucet.

5. @proverbsthirtyonegirl

How darling is this RV dining area?!

I love the neutral floral wallpaper, and the Carrara marble RV kitchen table is stunning as well!

RV dining area set against a leafy black and white wallpaper, offering a tranquil view through the window, with a marble-patterned table set for a cozy meal.

6. @rvevolution2022

Wallpaper can also be used instead of backsplash in an RV kitchen renovation.

In this case, the black and white pattern perfectly complements the black and white painted RV kitchen cabinets!

And, of course, the wallpaper by the coffee bar is darling as well!

Bright and airy RV kitchen featuring a geometric hexagon black and white wallpaper, providing a modern backdrop for the stainless-steel appliances.

7. @adventures_with_tucknae

In our RV bedroom makeover, we decided to use a fun black and white wallpaper that we found on Amazon.

This was perhaps the most dramatic part of our master bedroom renovation, but I love how it turned out!

It also complements the RV slide trim well.

Cozy RV bedroom featuring a red and black plaid comforter on the bed with a rustic wooden overhead bunk, accented by a gray wood grain wallpaper with an inspirational quote.

8. @stairsuphandlein

I absolutely adore my friend Jen’s RV decorating style, and her choice of wallpaper is no exception!

I love the pattern and lighter colors of this wallpaper.

And also peep that darling bathroom wallpaper, too!

Quaint RV corner with a playful letter board against a leaf-patterned wallpaper, accompanied by a woven hat and a cozy blanket.

9. @bigheartstinyspaces

Another one of my favorite RV renovations was done by my friend Sammy.

This darling boho space is so cozy!

Once again, this renovation has half of an accent wall with wallpaper, and the other half is black paneling.

Inviting RV lounge area with rich terracotta-hued throw pillows and blankets against a window, enhanced by a Southwestern-patterned wallpaper.

10. @behrnecessitiesrv

This fun kid’s room is perfect with the black and white wallpaper in the slide!

New wallpaper like this is one of the easiest ways to update a travel trailer with a fresh look!

Modern RV living space with a unique barcode-like black and white wallpaper, offering a contemporary bookshelf display and greenery.

Colorful RV Wallpaper Ideas

Some RV owners like to use various colors in their RV renovations.

These next RV wallpaper ideas include beautiful designs with a pop of color, which is a perfect way to make a huge impact in an older RV.

As you’ll see, floral patterns are one of the most popular choices for new RV wallpaper.

11. @humbills.homeontherange

How stunning is this floral wallpaper?!

I love how it ties in the colors of the headboard and the bedding and brightens up the whole space. Gorgeous!

RV bedroom boasting a large floral wallpaper with bold botanical prints, complemented by 'olive us' embroidered pillows and a green upholstered headboard.

12. @the_ramblr_rv

I love the bright, retro feel of this fifth wheel.

The wallpaper she chose adds the perfect texture to the overall kitchen renovation!

And the green that she chose for the kitchen island and upper cabinet doors is simply darling!

Eclectic RV kitchen area featuring a vibrant retro wallpaper with a 'Joy is Now' banner, contrasting with green cabinets and white subway tiles.

13. @bigheartstinyspaces

This truck camper renovation includes a gorgeous RV headboard featuring a colorful, mountainous wallpaper pattern.

I love how adventurous it feels with the rest of the space!

RV bunk space adorned with a variety of travel books above and a unique pegboard with national park themed decorations, set against a forest-patterned wallpaper.

14. @rv.family.rentals

Blue is one of my favorite color scheme options to see in an RV renovation, and this stunning wallpaper is a perfect addition!

I love how much it brightens up the space.

Sleek RV bathroom with a striking blue and white feather-patterned wallpaper, paired with a round mirror and dark blue subway tiles.

15. @bonniechristine

Have you ever seen a more cozy RV kitchen space?!

I love this floral wallpaper. It’s so feminine and inviting.

Using wallpaper on partial interior walls like this is lovely.

Charming RV nook with a floral wallpaper providing a backdrop to a cozy seating area and open kitchen shelves with copper accents.

16. @rv.family.rentals

Here is another great example of how creative you can get with wallpaper in RV spaces.

This outdoor RV kitchen is so darling with the added wallpaper!

RV kitchenette showcasing a white and gold geometric wallpaper, creating a modern aesthetic with a matching countertop and decorative utensils.

17. @ourlifewebuild

How beautiful is this gold and blue geometric wallpaper design?!

The blue chairs also help pull the blue from the wallpaper, and the overall result is stunning.

Elegant RV sitting area with a geometric golden wallpaper, featuring plush blue chairs and a small round table with a minimalist decor.

18. @bbandtherv

I love how dramatic this space is!

Everything comes together perfectly, from the dark cabinets to bold patterns and awesome door design!

By the way, this RV is currently for sale! Contact the sellers by email here.

RV kitchen highlighted by a sunburst pattern wallpaper in gold and brown tones, coordinating with dark cabinets and a natural wood countertop.

19. @liz_kamarul

To switch things up a bit, you can consider putting wallpaper on your RV ceiling!

I love the unique result in this RV renovation.

RV interior featuring a ceiling covered in a striking black and white abstract wallpaper, complemented by a herringbone wood floor.

20. @rv.family.rentals

I love how the peel-and-stick wallpaper in this RV bunk room renovation adds such a fun pop of color!

It’s such a bright and fun space!

Compact RV workspace with a bold blue and white geometric wallpaper, enhancing the simplicity of the white cabinetry and wooden accents.

21. @brittdenae_

Everything about this RV bunk room is stunning!

I am literally obsessed with this wallpaper!

And the paneling and colors that they chose work so well together. It is such a beautiful space!

Smartly designed RV interior corner with a refreshing leaf-patterned wallpaper, a green cushioned bench seat, and a wooden ladder leading to an overhead nook, highlighting space efficiency and style.

RV Wallpaper FAQs

What kind of wallpaper is best for RV renovations?

The best kind of wallpaper for RV use is peel-and-stick wallpaper. It’s always a good idea to use removable wallpaper in an RV so that you can make changes if needed.

Can you use regular wallpaper in an RV?

While traditional wallpaper can be used in RV renovations, the best choice is peel-and-stick wallpaper, as it is easier to apply and remove.

What materials are needed to hang wallpaper in an RV?

To hang RV wallpaper, you will need rolls of wallpaper, a razor blade, scissors, and a plastic smoother. These are the best tools for hanging RV wallpaper.

In Closing: 21 Beautiful RV Wallpaper Ideas

I hope that you’ve enjoyed browsing through these great ideas for RV interior wall coverings.

What are you planning to use in your next RV renovation?

Good luck & happy wallpapering!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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