21+ Cozy RV Bunk Room Ideas For Renovating & Decorating an RV

There are so many great RV bunk room ideas that people have come up with. I love sharing others’ creative RV spaces and wanted to write a post dedicated to camper bunk ideas.

My renovation roundups usually feature 21 RVs, but there were too many to choose from, so this one ended up with even more! I hope you enjoy these cozy RV bunk room ideas.

RV Bunk Room Ideas for Kids

The most common use for RV bunk rooms is as a space for kids. Many families travel in RVs, some full-time and some part-time, and having a dedicated space for their kiddos to call their own is important.

Check out these RV bunk room ideas your kids will love!


How adorable is this dinosaur bunk room? Any little boy would love to call this room his own.

The colors chosen here perfectly complement each other and set the mood for a cozy (but still playful) RV bunkbed room. And those giant letters are too cute!

Ps, that dinosaur photo is just too cute!


Babies and toddlers can also use a bunk room in an RV! Removing RV bunk beds and putting a crib in their place is actually pretty common.

My favorite elements in this camper trailer remodel are the beautiful plants and the darling rug. So cozy!


I absolutely love how adorable this renovated camper bunkhouse is! Especially compared to how dark and dreary it was before. (Swipe through the pictures to find the RV renovation before and after shots.)

In fact, this room is making me wish I had done half beadboard and half wallpaper somewhere in my RV, haha! Maybe it’s time for another renovation of my own?


How darling is this bunk room turned playroom?! The perfect place to play inside on a rainy day!


This custom RV bunk bed remodel leaves plenty of extra space for a play area! Taking out the bottom bunk bed makes a big difference.

The wood design of the doors is perfectly thought out to keep the little ones safe and sound.

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Gray and white are a beautiful tone combination and are perfect for a joint boy’s and girl’s bunk room.

My favorite things about this space are the darling light fixtures and the globe stand. So cute!


This has got to be one of my favorite kid’s bunk room renovations of all time! Isn’t it darling?

I love how the wallpaper adds a perfect touch of color. And that beanbag chair would make any kid happy for sure!


The colors in this bunk room complement each other so well! The pendants, rug, and bedding are all perfection.

Swipe through the pictures to see the before and after shots. What a crazy difference a renovation like this can make!

RV Master Bedrooms Turned Into RV Bunk Rooms

Some RVers choose to turn the main bedroom into a bunk room. This is most commonly done in toy haulers when the parents turn the garage into a master bedroom. Here are a few examples of what you can do if you choose to go this route.


This master-turned-bunk room is gorgeous and highly practical!

The slide holds the custom bunk beds, while the closet was converted into a beautiful storage space.


How fun is this renovation?! These renovators turned the master bedroom into a dreamy bunk bed space.

I also love how the kept extra storage on the sides of the bunk beds. And that ladder is darling!

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Modern RV Bunk Room Renovation Ideas

It can be difficult to visualize what an RV renovation will look like once it’s completed. If you need ideas for your own renovation or maybe just enjoy browsing through gorgeous renovated travel trailers, this section is for you!


Can I move into this bunk room?? It’s seriously stunning! So many RV interior ideas could be sparked by this camper trailer renovation.

The warm & neutral tones and accent wallpaper make this one of the most beautiful RV bunk renovations ever!


You know I’m a fan of adding a pop of color to your RV, and this renovation perfectly nailed it!

The unique shape of the headboard paintings makes this room stand out even more. Truly beautiful!


Umm, this is stunning. I told you there were so many amazing rigs I found!

This bunk room renovation turned a previously dark hole in the wall into a cozy and inviting space that anyone would love to stay in!


Next up, I love how bright and cheerful this bunk room space is!

The wallpaper they chose is beautiful, and the window shades are the perfect addition. So pretty!


How fun is this bunk room makeover?! It’s so bright and cheerful!

I love the extra pegs on the walls to hang things, and the rug in the slide is pure genius.

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This triple bunk room is amazing! There’s a ton of storage, and it’s such a beautiful sleeping space.

I love how they added the black pipe railings; the herringbone door is stunning!


This is for you if you’re looking for a cozy coastal vibe! It ties in seamlessly with the living room space. Such a beautiful home on wheels!

How fun is this bright and happy bunk room?! I love the coastal wallpaper headboards. So cute!


Next up, the interior design of this modern RV bunkhouse remodel is so cozy and inviting!

I love how they offset the white interior with the darker bedding. And those light fixtures are gorgeous!


This RV bunk room is so cool! I especially love the mountains on the wall!

And having four bunks in one room?! This is a perfect setup for a larger family.

Custom RV Bunk Room Ideas

Sometimes, you can’t find exactly what you want in an RV. In that case, a custom modification install might be best! Here are a few RV bunk room ideas for custom bunk beds, storage space, and more.


Originally, this bunk room had an upper bunk and a couch beneath it. They took out the couch and added two extra bunks.

Also, how cute is that beadboard and wallpaper combo?! I love it!


I must say, folding RV bunk beds are the perfect addition to any RV! In this rig, the top and bottom bunks fold onto the wall. (Swipe through the pictures to see)

Also, I’m obsessed with the colors used in this space! Everything ties together beautifully!

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Sometimes, finding a travel trailer with bunk beds that you like doesn’t work out. If that’s the case for you, you can build your own!

This renovation is beautiful, and I love the extra storage space they built in under the bottom bunk!


Next up, how fun is this custom half-circle bunk bed?! What a great way to customize your space!

Also, I love the bedding colors they chose. They’re so cozy and inviting!


If your bunk room doesn’t have enough storage space, consider adding some like this!

Not only is it darling, but it’s super practical as well. Win, win!

More RV Renovation Inspiration

I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of camper bunk room ideas and have found some great RV bunkhouse decorating ideas to use.

Which RV bunk bed ideas did you like best?

Happy camping!

Much Love, Janae xoxo

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RV Bunk Room Renovations – Before & After Pictures
RV Bunk Room Renovations – Before & After Pictures