21 Festive Campers To Inspire Your RV Christmas Decorations

Christmas is right around the corner which means it’s time to start decorating! I am so excited to bring you this round-up of 21 festive RV Christmas decorations!

Whether you prefer a minimalistic approach to Christmas, plan to go over-the-top festive, or like to find somewhere in between, I’m sure you will find something here to inspire your inner Christmas magic! Ready? Let’s dive in and get you ready for Christmas in an RV!

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Traditional RV Christmas Decorations

You know that cozy, warm feeling you get when you start to get close to the holidays? That’s how pictures of traditional Christmas decor make me feel! Here are some of the top traditional Christmas camper decoration options.


I would love to wake up on Christmas morning in this RV! All of the cute little Christmas touches here and there make it extra cozy for sure.


Ok seriously, how cute is this?! I also really like those paper trees on the shelves, those would be perfect for RV living since they wouldn’t take up much storage space and could stack inside of each other.


One word: mantel. Wow! This homey holiday decor totally passes the Christmas vibe check! I also really love the Christmas ornaments on their tree.


Have you ever seen a cozier RV at Christmas time?! This is very similar to our pencil Christmas tree that we put up every year and it’s perfect for RV living. Also, the Christmas scene on the TV is genius, I’m going to have to do that this year!


I love how cheery this home on wheels is for Christmas! The orange slices on the garland and tree add just the perfect touch!

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I love how festive this picture makes me feel haha! Also, this letter board is amazing, I might need to find a place to squeeze one into our rig!

Farmhouse Style RV Christmas Decorations

I can’t decide for sure, but I think farmhouse-style Christmas decorations might just be my favorite. They are just so cozy and inviting! I hope you enjoy looking through these farmhouse Christmas decorations as much as I do. Who knows, you might even find decoration ideas for your RV this Christmas!


Umm…just wow! This garland is truly stunning! If I had an archway in my RV I would totally be adding this to my decorations this year haha!


No space for a full-sized tree? No problem! I adore this RV-sized Christmas tree and all of the rest of their holiday decorations as well. Also, I need that red pompom garland asap!


This vibe is so cute! From the stockings and snowmen ornaments to the yarn tree and elf on the shelf, I just adore this whole space!


Can you even think of a more inviting space for camping over Christmas?! I sure can’t! That tiny tree is simply adorable!

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I think my favorite thing about this festive RV is the garland above the fireplace! This is also another great example of how perfect pencil trees can be for RV life. Ps, I love the RV ornaments they chose!


I love how the lights and garland look above the door and on the wall! Also, those tiny trees on the countertop are darling! These camper decorations are really beautiful.


How amazing is this handmade Christmas tree?! It would be so fun to collect small fallen branches like this on hikes (where it’s permitted) throughout the year and make a tree with them at the end!

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Don’t forget to put outdoor Christmas decorations outside of your RV as well! Even a simple wreath like this can make your home on wheels feel extra festive.

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Have you ever seen a more beautiful Christmas scene in an RV?! This makes me want to decorate our RV ceiling this year! These camper Christmas decorations are stunning!!

Minimalist RV Christmas Decorations

Although I do love going all-out on Christmas decorations, some people prefer a more minimalistic approach and/or don’t have the extra space to store a ton of holiday decorations. If you prefer decorating on a smaller scale, check out these RVs for ideas!


I really love how this orange garland looks! Everything about this tiny space is so inviting and festive!

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Don’t forget, decorative throw pillows are another easy way to make a space feel more festive! You can even buy pillow covers for each holiday and switch them out as needed. Minimalistic but so cute!


Don’t have a fireplace to hang your stockings from? I love how cute these look hanging on the window! Get creative with your tiny spaces and don’t be afraid to try something new.


One thing we always do every year is hang garland and lights above our slides like this. I think it looks so cozy and it doesn’t take up any extra space!

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Ok, I can’t be the only one who thinks the RV sign at the base of the tree is such a cute idea, right?! Also, loving those ornaments on the shelf!


Last, but certainly not least, how darling is this space?! All of the little trees with the JOY garland create such a cozy Christmas feel, even though it’s still minimalistic. I love it!

Well, what do you think? Did you have a favorite RV Christmas setup?

Let us know in the comments below what your RV Christmas decorating style is and if you’ll be decorating this year!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
21 Festive Campers To Inspire Your RV Christmas Decorations
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