Fall Decorating On A Budget

I love decorating our tiny home (aka our 5th wheel) and fall decorating is no exception!

5th wheel entry way decorated for Fall
Our 5th wheel entryway decorated for fall

However, I try to be as frugal as possible and still keep things minimal. Storing tons of decor in a 5th wheel is not super realistic.

Today I want to share with you how I decorated for fall in our home on wheels for less than $50!

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Where I purchase my decorations

corner in the living room of a fifth wheel trailer
Living room corner

Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree? Yep! The secret to cheap decorating, is buying everything you can at Dollar Tree.

I purchased 95% of my fall decorations at Dollar Tree and saved a small fortune by doing so.

You can find cute fall signs, fall leaf garland, little decorative pumpkins, and more. And the best part is they’re only $1 each!

I checked a few other craft stores to compare prices and it was crazy how much more expensive everything was.

5th wheel living area
Living area decorated for Fall

For example, a 6 ft strand of fall leaf garland was $25 at Michael’s. Granted the thickness of the foliage was a lot better, but instead I purchased 3 6 ft Fall leaf garlands at Dollar Tree and wove them together to create the thickness I wanted. Instead of spending $25, I only spent $3!

Fall signs are also very popular. But why spend $10-15 for one, when you can get some really cute ones for $1?!

Ok, you get the point. Moving on!

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    Michael’s has tons of cute fall decor! When I went all the fall decor was 40% off.

    I didn’t purchase much there. (Although it would have been easy to!)

    I did however get a cute vase with the initial of our last name on it, “M”. The original price was $15 and I spent $9.

    Fall decorating ideas
    “M” vase from Michael’s

    I use it in all my decor and can switch out the floral stems each season. It perfectly compliments my kitchen decor so it’s a win, win!

    Hobby Lobby

    Although I didn’t purchase any of my fall decorations at Hobby Lobby, it is worth mentioning that they have a lot of cute options.

    Last time I was in the store, all of their fall decorating items were 40% off as well.

    Incorporating current decor in my fall decorating

    I love finding items that can be used as decor year round.

    If you have anything that can be changed up just a bit and repurposed for each season, then that can be a great way to save money.

    This lantern was given to me by my mom as a gift last Christmas. It sits on this countertop year round.

    decorative lantern with fall decorations
    Decorative lantern

    By adding some fall leaves around it and a cute little pumpkin sign, I am able to incorporate it into my fall decorating.

    In a couple of months I will be able to switch out the leaves for garland and it will match my Christmas decor!

    How I decorated

    Above the slides

    I love adding decor above the slides. I feel like it quickly dresses up the room without really having to do much.

    5th wheel with Fall decorations
    Our 5th wheel living area decorated for fall

    First, I measured the length of each space that I had. Then I used that to figure out how many strands of leaf garland I would need.

    Each slide needed 3 strands to reach across and I knew I wanted them to be doubled up for extra thickness so I needed a total of 6 for each slide.

    I also used 5 strands in the attic railing and 2 strands above the pantry and cabinets.

    To hang them, I used these command hooks. I love using command hooks in the 5th wheel because they’re easy to use and they’re also easy to take down when you no longer need them.

    I also hung a fall sign in the corner above the slide using the same command hook.

    Fall decorating sign from Dollar Tree
    Fall sign from Dollar Tree

    On the table and countertops

    For the table, I used the vase that I purchased at Michael’s, and added 8 fall leaf stems I purchased at Dollar Tree.

    5th wheel table
    Our dining room table

    I also added a cute little sparkly pumpkin beside the vase.

    I don’t usually like to add a ton of decor to the table so that it doesn’t take up too much table space and make meals difficult.

    Corner countertop in a 5th wheel
    Corner countertop

    For the corner countertop, I used the lantern I mentioned earlier. I surrounded it with 1 strand of fall decor and added a cute little quote pumpkin from Dollar Tree.

    Above the door

    This red sparkly “Give Thanks” sign was left over from my fall decor last year and was purchased at Dollar Tree as well.

    fall decorating above the door in a 5th wheel
    Fall decorations above the door

    I hung it with this type of command hook since it was slightly heavier and I didn’t want to chance it falling.

    I also used two strands of the fall leaves doubled up around the top of the door attached with the earlier command hooks.

    5th wheel pantry
    Pantry area

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      Total cost with breakdown

      Above the slides – $24

      23 Strands of fall leaves – $23

      1 Fall sign – $1

      On the table and countertops – $20

      “M” vase – $9

      8 Fall leaf stems – $8

      Fall pumpkin – $1

      Fall leaves around the lantern – $1

      Quote pumpkin – $1

      Above the door – $3

      2 Strands of fall leaves – $2

      “Give Thanks” sign – $1

      Grand total – $47

      5th wheel kitchen decorated for Fall
      Our 5th wheel kitchen decorated for fall

      That’s all!

      Fall decorating doesn’t have to be super elaborate or expensive. I hope this post has been helpful and that you’ll be doing your fall decorating soon!

      If you have any questions feel free to reach out.

      Much Love, Janae xoxo
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      14 thoughts on “Fall Decorating On A Budget”

      1. Oh wow, what a great idea! I always forget about Dollar Stores but when I do go, I fill up a cart easily! You’ve inspired me, I need to get decorating!

      2. Love it! Great suggestions, as usual 😊Fall is my favorite season 🍁 I love the cooler temps and colors and the focus on gratitude 🙏🏻 🍂

      3. Okay I love it all 😍😂 I second using the dollar tree! It looks just as good for a fraction of the price. That vase is super cute and you can totally use that year round too

      4. Ahh I’m getting so excited to decorate for fall now! I love going shopping for new seasonal decor but I don’t think my husband appreciates the price tag 😂 thank you for the inspiration of doing it on the cheap! I can’t believe you did all that for less than $50, good job and what a beautiful fall home!

      5. Love your idea for using the lantern for fall and then switching out the leaves for garland, easy peasy and such a cost efficient idea!


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