21 Gorgeous RV Table Ideas for Camper Dining Tables

I decided to try to find the most beautiful RV table ideas, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many gorgeous ideas I found!

In this post, I’m sharing my favorite RV renovation ideas to bring a fresh look to your dining space.

As always, you can click through any image to view more details on the RV renovator’s Instagram accounts.

Ok, let’s jump into these 21 RV dining table replacement ideas!

1. @newlookrvrenovation

Ok, to start things off, we have this modern RV dining area. You can tell that this is a very thoughtfully put-together space!

I love the color of the table, and paired with the decor, stools, and wallpaper, this space is so cozy and inviting!

Light wood dining table with black candlesticks in an RV, a modern take on RV table design.

2. @wilsongrandadventures

Sometimes, ditching an RV’s traditional seating arrangements is best. How gorgeous is this space?!

I can just imagine all of the incredible views that have been seen out of this large window during meal times all across the country!

RV dining area featuring a polished wood countertop with white industrial stools, a fresh RV table setup.

3. @chaoskiddosandharmony

This next table is a very similar setup but has a narrower tabletop. This would be a great option for RV owners with more limited space!

And I know this post is about RV table ideas, but that couch in the living area looks amazing, too, doesn’t it?!

Inviting RV space with a rustic wooden table and metal stools, a classic example of space-efficient RV dining solutions.

4. @newlookrvrenovation

Here is another cozy RV dining area! This is a much more modern look than the traditional RV dinette seating, and I love it! The larger table gives plenty of extra space for the whole family.

This could be a great DIY RV table project, and you could even put a ton of storage space in those seats. And, of course, don’t forget the cozy throw pillows!

This is one of my favorite RV dinette replacement ideas!

Cozy RV seating with a wooden table and black metal legs, a fusion of comfort and style for RV dining.

5. @rvingdogsandwine

I love a good splash of color in an RV renovation, and this space is absolute perfection! Such a cute RV renovation!

I love how they made all of the permanent parts more neutral, like the tabletop, walls, and bench, but they have the option to change out the pillows and colorful chairs whenever they want to switch things up!

Bright RV interior with a wooden table, accented by vibrant yellow chairs, a contemporary approach to RV table design.

6. @spaces.by.rachel

Here is another classy RV dining area! I love the simplistic black and white mixed with wood accents and different textures. And those RV dinette cushion covers are perfect!

This space could be styled in many different ways, but I really like the lighter colors and how clean, refreshing, and inviting it is!

Compact RV dining corner with a wooden table and cushioned bench, optimizing space with smart table ideas for RVs.

7. @therossesroam

If you know me well, then you know that I love houseplants, especially in an RV trailer. So, of course, I am drawn to this amazing space!

The table that they chose here has so much character! I can only imagine all of the amazing meals it has witnessed. And having a folding leaf on the side is so convenient for a travel trailer!

Shabby chic RV dining area with a white distressed table and eclectic chairs, a charming table idea for RV living.

8. @renovatingrutters

I love a good round table, and this one is so darling! If there is just one or two of you living in your RV, then I would highly recommend an option like this.

Not only is it visually appealing, but it’s also very practical! And I also really like the chairs that they chose to pair the table with.

Unique RV table with a round wooden top and vintage white base, paired with black metal chairs for a distinctive RV dining experience.

9. @ourlivelytribervrenovations

Custom tabletops are so dreamy, and this one is no exception! This herringbone pattern is absolutely stunning and really complements this RV kitchen area.

Creating your own table is actually not as hard as you might think. We stained ours very similar to this one in our RV kitchen remodel, making it even more special to us.

Spacious RV featuring a wooden herringbone table with the phrase 'These are the days', a stylish and inspirational RV dining concept.

10. @uncommonfarmer

The combination of this table and how it is decorated is truly gorgeous. It is magazine-worthy for sure, haha!

I really love the base of the table and how much character it adds. This space is almost too pretty to eat in!

Elegant RV dining space with a robust wooden table and plush chairs, integrating natural elements into RV table styling.

11. @reedsindeed

Speaking of character, here is another RV table idea with plenty of it! My favorite thing about this one is the table legs. Having a free-standing table can be more challenging in a tiny home, but it’s worth it.

Having drawers in your new table is another great idea! Of course, you can never have too much additional storage space in an RV.

A classic wooden table with turned legs and white metal chairs inside an RV, beside a cozy fireplace and lush green plants.

12. @newlookrvrenovation

Here is another gorgeous round table, but this one is paired with a custom dining booth, which is genius!

Also, if I had a round tabletop in my RV, I would totally have a centerpiece like this one. So cool!

A round black table with a rustic wooden centerpiece, paired with a caramel-colored sofa bench in a well-lit RV interior.

13. @rvingdogsandwine

How gorgeous is this RV dining area?! The light wood paired with the black paint is sleek and stunning.

Another great thing about this space is that the table can be turned and put against the wall longways. It’s an easy way to change the space, and having options is always nice!

A sleek two-tone dining area in an RV featuring a light wood table, black chairs, and complementary throw pillows.

14. @caffeinated.rv.mom

Here is an example of an RV table that doesn’t fit directly in the RV slide-out, but it still works! Sometimes, you have to get creative with the space you have to work with.

I really love this darling living space and the fun patterns that they have going on with the flooring and the RV wallpaper. So cute! And I also love how the RV slide trim matches the table.

A minimalist white table with modern chairs against a backdrop of bold leaf-patterned wallpaper, inside a bright RV space.

15. @thehappyglamperco

Here is another sleek and stunning RV dining space that belongs in a magazine! I love how the different textures and colors come together flawlessly in this space. And painting in an RV isn’t as hard as you might think!

Not only is it incredibly stunning, but it is also super functional! This area is utilized well with storage in both the bench and the stools.

A stylishly simple RV dining setup with a wooden tabletop on black legs, contrasting with elegant blue dinnerware.

16. @theflippingnomad

This gorgeous RV dining room features a dinette booth, round table, and chairs all in one space, and it works so well! This just goes to prove that you can mix and match however you’d like.

Another fun thing is that the bench here doubles as a dog crate! If you travel with pets in your RV, this could be a great addition for you.

A cozy RV nook with a small round table, white chairs, and soft cushions, making a quaint spot for a meal.

17. @revampingcamping

Here is another gorgeous table. The length is a great way to maximize space!

There is so much creative freedom with a space like this when it comes to the actual seating you choose. And these stools are darling!

An inviting RV dining area with a rustic wooden table, tufted benches, and a scenic window view, perfect for a meal on the road.

18. @spaces.by.rachel

Although it is a small space, this dining set is so cozy and inviting! This could also double as a beautiful RV office space.

I love all of the textures that were used in this space, and that light-colored table is so beautiful!

A clean, modern RV eating space with a light wood table, white bench seating, and a simple vase, offering a serene dining experience.

19. @revampingcamping

Here is another example of a custom dining space. Removing an RV’s old (and usually ugly) dinette area can make such a drastic difference!

I also really like that this dinette table consists of two simple pipe legs. This gives the illusion that there is even more space, and it is aesthetically pleasing as well!

A smart RV dining solution with a compact wooden table and bench storage, optimizing space in a small area.

20. @jwandcoryadventures

Ok, how amazing is this custom RV tabletop?! The fun map design is definitely fitting for RV travelers.

It also brings a fun pop of color into this space. I really love this one-of-a-kind RV table idea. And as a bonus, it is also a fold-down table!

An RV dining area with a map-covered table top and dark wooden chairs, accompanied by a vase of red flowers and black striped window shades, creating a cozy and inviting space.

21. @revampingcamping

Last but certainly not least, we have another fun herringbone tabletop. This one is more subtle but is still equally as beautiful!

The design here is also genius in that the stools can be pushed under the small table to make more space when not in use.

A functional and chic RV dining corner with a wooden extendable table, soft chairs, and elegant d├ęcor, maximizing space and style.

In Closing: 21 Gorgeous RV Table Ideas for Camper Kitchen Tables

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these gorgeous RV table ideas! Which one was your favorite?

Happy renovating!

Much Love, Janae xoxo
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